Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Adjustment

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Adjustment

Music open the front cover of the printer remove the drum unit press on the lever and remove the toner cartridge look at the developer roller check if there are spots dirty or other defects on the roller rotate the roller it may be very hard to move use a screwdriver on the main gear make attention not to damage the teeth of the gear rotate the roller only on this direction in case of problems clean the roller with a soft cloth if there are vertical lines on the developer roller surface maybe the blade is dirty or there is toner build up along the edge of the blade take a thin cardboard and insert it between the roller and the blade then move it along the blade it should remove all the toner build-up for the dust causing the problem then turned by hand the developer roller and clean it with a soft cloth brother toner cartridges do not have a chip but they have a reset gear that must be positioned properly each cartridge is different with different reset gears you'll find the proper reset position of the gear searching in this channel or with Google make attention when you reset a used toner cartridge when the printer senses a new toner cartridge the bias voltage is set to a high voltage then the voltage is gradually reduced to keep the density level even throughout its life this process is necessary because a used toner cartridge has a tendency to print dark so if you reset a used toner cartridge the printer will believe it's a new cartridge the voltage will be set to a high voltage so there is the risk of light prints or backgrounding lose toner check the mylar blade that right up against the toner roller it prevent toner form falling out of the cartridge if this blade is warped worn out with small pinholes the cartridge will leak most of the time the problem is the blade that is coming loose probably you will have to disassemble the cartridge and change the mylar blade clean the toner inside of the printer with a soft cloth do not use compressed air the powder could cause problems to the laser scanner if you want to disassemble the cartridge in this channel you will find the instructions all cartridges are different with different instructions Music.