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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Charities

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Charities

Um hi I'm OTC from kaboom and you guys spoke about meaningful engagement and firm nonprofit side to the corporate partner can you speak a little bit about how as nonprofits we can go about we're best known for an engaging employee volunteerism but building a relationship with the corporate partner that goes beyond having employees come out and volunteer and engaging perhaps the marketing department to the accounting department and really building a relationship that goes through every avenue of that of that company so that you can build that long-term partnership instead of that one on time event a one time volunteering opportunity so I think you'll find that most corporations these days are very specific about what areas are important to them and what their key causes and their key focus areas are so the first thing I would encourage you to do is find those corporations that are well aligned those are the ones who are going to be willing to engage in the conversation and go deep so assuming you do that I think it's part of having an ability to talk about your impact and make a difference and then working with them to find ways that they can bring the whole the corporation to do that so again you know find the ones that are aligned with you fine and talk to them about your impact and the difference that you're making and how you can bring their assets easy I mean so as easy as unfortunately you can make it because unfortunately like you we do a lot with a little you know you heard that from some of my colleagues so the more and what I will tell you is if the first kind of first kind of tries out the gate or work reasonably well aren't too painful for us then that's when you're going to start to see more pieces come in so I wouldn't it's certainly not an overnight activity this is something that takes the course of frankly years to do you're not going to get in the door of a major corporation and have a full partnership from soup to nuts in one year you're going to start small you're going to prove yourself and you're going to kind of keep growing certainly I'm sure there are exceptions to all rules but generally speaking you're going to have to demonstrate yourself over a period of time and then that's where the really deep relationships come in from this sounds very simple but but I think it needs to be said and that is I think whenever you're having an opportunity to meet with a corporation make that a dialogue what is it they're trying to accomplish what is it you're trying to accomplish and make the match don't force a fit if it's not there it's not there and as Emily said companies will pretty specifically have causes and issues they want to focus on but but let's see how we can make the match rather than force the fit sound relationships and and in an engagement and conversations and feeling like this is a partner who's going to work with me who's hearing some of the challenges that we have on our side and what we're trying to help solve and is there that match and the other thing is a nonprofit side we talked about engagement you might be defining it two different ways and you could be ships passing in the night there so figuring out what engagement actually means if you're a non-profit and talking to a corporation taking the time to listen to them figuring it out figuring out what engagement means to them you kind of know what it means to you I think that's going to be key.

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