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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Columns

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Columns

I'm Shannon grossie with versatile software training and I'm here to show you how to create a fill-in-the-blank form in Microsoft Word the first thing you're going to need to do is add a another tab to your ribbon because that will contain your form controls so we're going to click over here on file and come down to options and over on the left hand side you have some choices we're going to come down to customize ribbon and over on the right you'll see an area called main tabs and most of them have a check mark but there's one that doesn't and that's the Developer tab and that's the one we need to create these fill-in-the-blank forms so I check that box and click OK and if you look up at the ribbon you'll see you have a new Developer tab so we'll go ahead and click there and we're going to hang out in this group called controls all right so we're ready to start the form I personally like to create forms in a table so I have control over the structure and I can always hide those borders as well so I'm here at name I'm going to press space just to give a little space there and in the controls group these are all my form options and the first one that I'm hovering over will allow a placeholder to be displayed there and that's how you can create those fill-in-the-blank forms so now I go through and decide where to put these so again I'll come down here now by department and I want to space and insert that now my next one is going to be a date so after I put my space if you look up at controls you'll see there's one that's a calendar and that one's really great because it will create a drop-down list with a calendar and then anyone filling out the form just picks the date and over here when the so I've created this vacation request form so anyone coming along to fill it out I will already set up a method for them to know what parts of it to fill out and then last I'm going to go back to my fill in the form and then I've added all of the components here so now what I'm going to do is save it and then if I am the one that's going to fill the form out here's how that's going to look I would just click where it says click here to enter text and I could type my name and I could go down to Department and type Department so as you can see I have all these great places to know where to go and now when I get down to the date I have a drop-down arrow and there's my calendar so I am sure to pick the right dates of my vacation and so on so that's really the the trick is to make sure to put that Developer tab on and you have these really great controls in there to create a form that other people could fill out in your organization I'm Shannon gross see and that's how you can create a fill in the blank form in Word.

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