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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Completing

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Completing

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2018-2022 step up beautiful walkthrough I'm Jakob Neumann and I'm a pain for college and FAFSA expert with step up Utah I'm going to take you through this year's new FAFSA so that you can prepare to apply we're going to go through step by step and answer any questions that you might have or some common questions or mistakes that we see happen when people are filling out the FAFSA so first of all you're going to go to fafsa.gov and you're going to click on start a new FAFSA so we're going to get to the student information page and you either enter in your FSA ID here which you have either created earlier or you can take this time to create your FSA ID this is your federal student aid identification that you will use to electronically sign the FAFSA and if you take out student loans you also use this FSA ID to manage your student loans it's the fastest way to electronically sign the FAFSA you and your parent will need one but you can also just enter in the students information right here you'll notice on the side when I click on each question there is a help and hints that comes up if you ever have questions about how do I answer this question appropriately or I don't really understand this question this gives a lot of great information on the side here so that you'll know how to answer the questions in the best way possible this is just a disclaimer that comes from federal student aid that mentions that you should only use this for educational purposes so you're gonna go ahead and click accept on that so if you are going to be entering college or university in the fall of 2022 you are going to complete a 2018-2022 FAFSA at this portion you're going to create a save key so if you need your parents to log in or you close the browser and you need to get back in you can do that so it's anything between 4 and 8 characters all right this is an introduction page that has some commonly asked questions so if you need answers to any of those questions you can go ahead and click on those so it's really important as you're filling out your demographic information that it matches exactly as it appears on your social security card when asks for your email address you're going to want to use a permanent email address so you're not going to want to use a school address or anything like that it's always a good idea just to put your driver's license information some schools use that for proving residency once you've gotten that filled out you're going to go ahead and press next it's gonna ask about some eligibility questions so if you were not registered with Selective Service or the draft males over the age of 18 are required you can hit yes here if you're under 18 it will send that information to the Selective Service when once you turn 18 so even if you have done AP IB or concurrent enrollment for your college grade level if you're a senior in high school you're gonna find ever attended a college first year first bachelor's degree you should always put yes if you're interested in being considered for work-study to the foster youth question and what type of education your parents have now you're going to look up the high school that you are attending he's going to come up with a list you're going to select from that list and then press next no matter who you are or how old you probably have dreams for the future maybe you're in middle or high school and you want to design roller coasters someday or maybe you've been working for a good long while and now you're thinking of training for a new career dreaming of a bright future is one thing but how can you make it a reality the answer starts at Utah futures.org a website designed to help launch you Tom's of all ages into great schools and fantastic careers at Utah futures org you'll find easy to use tools and self assessments that will help you discover what interests you the things you're good at and the kinds of schools and careers that are a good fit for you from there the site helps you build a concrete plan for how to get where you want to go for middle and high school students your plan might include a complete list of college prep classes you need to take you'll schedule your SAT and a CT and track admission deadlines for your chosen colleges you'll also learn about applying to and paying for college including extras like housing clothes and anchovy lover's pizza meanwhile Utah futures.org helps adults plan the training and education they'll need to snag an exciting new job plus you can build your resume right on the site and get in-depth guidance on how to find apply and interview for jobs you'll even learn how to negotiate your salary and benefits once you get an offer to get started simply create an account on the Utah futures home page and begin building your profile in minutes you'll be on your way to knowing yourself better and building a complete plan for your future Utah futures.org the best way to predict the future is to plan for it you now we're on to the school selection so you can put up to ten colleges on your FAFSA so I'm going to go ahead and put a couple on here so you can look it up by city and school name so gonna put on Salt Lake Community College I'm gonna put on LDS Business College I'm gonna put on University of Utah and Westminster then you're gonna.

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