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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Compute

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Compute

Welcome in this example we're going to take a look at how to put a field in a word form and set it up so that when someone enters information in that field it populates other areas of the form as well we'll also take a look at how to add numbers up automatically so we'll start with the field so here let's say that after the word dear I want to put the person's name and the person filling out this form will type that in so what I want to do is insert a text field here now I'm using Word 2022 and I'm going to use the what we call the legacy tools in Word 2022 which is the type of form fields that were available in older versions of Word as well so if you have word 2022 through 2022 you can do the exact same thing you'll just find the fields on your form toolbar whereas we get them off the developer ribbon if you don't have the developer ribbon showing you or 2022 you want to go to your office button word options and check the show Developer tab in the ribbon check box on my Developer tab I have in the controls group a control for legacy tools and I've got my cursor where I want the field so I'm just going to click the text form field button and it inserted the field now I could either right click and choose properties or I could just double click it both will bring up the text form field options there are two things I want to do here one is I want to give it a name that means something to me I'll just say client name and then I also want to tell it to calculate on exit this is what will cause it to force the informations put into it into our reference fields which I'll show you how to put in next now if I want I could give it some default text here I'm not going to initially though I'm just going to say okay there's my field now let's do some fields also for the items of this person purchased that they need to send us money for and I'm going to do a little tab setting here I'm going to click my tab button next to the ruler until I get the upside-down T with a dot because that is a decimal tab and it will cause items to line up by the decimal points so I'm going to grab these paragraphs here and set a decimal tab we'll just say right about here we'll have them line up by the decimal point what that means is if I press the tab key whatever I type will line up by the decimal point under that now I'm going to turn show/hide on so you can see what I'm doing you can see the little arrow here i type the tab key now i'm going to insert the fields that I want so back to developer legacy tools and put a field in and I'm going to do that for all of these so tab add my field okay I've gone ahead and put 4 in here we'll come back to these in a minute let's talk first about what to do to get the texts put in the dear field to show up I'm going to go where I want that it to show up so I'm saying dear so-and-so this is a note written to so-and-so so I want their name to reappear here so in older versions of word I would say insert field in Word 2022 we're going to do insert quick parts feel same for Word 2022 and the field we're looking for is called a reference field you can see up at the top here that I have all selected so these are all going to show up in alphabetical order so here's reference and there are some different options I could do here but all I really need to do to accomplish what I want is select the right field in this case it's the one called client name I will say ok it put the field in now notice that nothing shows up here if I turn show/hide off I don't see anything a little disconcerting this will fill in when someone feels information here or if you're working on the form if you press alt F line on the keyboard it toggles you between displaying the codes and display in the fields so I'm pressing alt f9 and you can see when you press alt f9 you can see the field so I just want to point that out to you so nobody panics now what I probably would have really done let me get rid of that is when I did my field here I would have given it some default text like some information to the person getting this type name here this way when I put the reference field in insert quick parts field reference client name ok it fills it in with that default text right away so that I don't see this weird blank space in my document think there's nothing there now for the fields that we want to add up I'm going to do similar to them so I'm going to double click dress give it a name that means something to me and tell it to calculate on exit and also say the type is a number so that when people go to fill it in they have to put a number because if we're telling it to calculate and something else is trying to add it up and it's not a number we're going to have a problem I can choose a format as well if I want to make sure this looks like money now I'm going to.

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