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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Courses

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Courses

Hello everyone I want to give you a little bit of help here with getting set up with Visual Studio 2022 there's been some changes of how to download and install Visual Studio and what it looks like there is no longer an Express Edition there's something called a Community Edition and I think it'll be fun for you to see how a lot of stuff has changed but a lot of stuff is still the same since the very first videos that were made using Visual Studio 2022 now that that's not ten years ago we were using 2022 for several years but it's it's more than five years ago and coding in Visual Studio well it's really the same in C as it has been for 20 years I've been using Visual Studio since 1995 ok go into Google and today I'm in Canada recording this so go into Google this is the fastest way to find it just type Visual Studio 2022 and go to Visual Studio downloads now here's the Community Edition that means that this is the free one and then these are the professional ones that have extra stuff added into them for professional developers and we don't need the professional the Enterprise Edition for learning how to program so we're going to go into a download of the community free edition and it will be a very very small download it's 2.9 megabytes don't let that fool you this is just the program that will execute to go and actually download and install the program so we're going to run this program this can take a really long time Visual Studio 2022 is going to be a very very popular down low and even though it's Microsoft you might have trouble getting this on your first try if you choose to do it in business hours in the busy time for the web and you don't have a good connection then it's it's going to take a lot longer so if it doesn't work on your first try try it in the night or very early in the morning is even better so it will go and download and install your Visual Studio community 2022 you yours won't look like this because I've already installed mine I'm gonna click modify and I'll show you when you're doing your first install what I want you to do is to go in here under programming languages and include visual C++ and if you don't do that you'll get visual c-sharp and visual basic this is the change that you have to make when you're running the Installer and it will go and download the visual studio now and it will include the visual C++ compiler which is what we need for this class only if you go and select that one this takes ten megabytes of space so if you're right up against your disk space that's a problem I mean it will take quite a long time for it to install be patient okay so when you run Visual Studio the first time it won't start this quick it will ask you do you want to sign in with your Microsoft account and you can say no you don't want to do that now you don't need to have be using our Microsoft account but when you get into the Visual Studio 2022 it looks quite similar to the ones that are in the videos for this class which were recorded in using 2022 the solution Explorer is over on the right and it'll be interesting for you to see the things that are different it won't be difficult let's make a project from scratch using Visual Studio 2022 team so this is how you know if your setup is working if you can make a C program and everything works so these steps you'll get comfortable with them only after you do them for a few times so let's watch all of the steps we're gonna say file new project so everything in Visual Studio is done using a project and over here you can specify that you want to make a visual C++ project and you specifically want a win32 console application so look down here and give your project a name it doesn't matter what you call it don't use special characters like quotes and parentheses and things in the name navigate to a place where you can find your project I'm gonna just drop mine on the desktop for now maybe you would make a folder to hold your assignments for this class and say ok you get another dialog and you have to do a couple of things in here under application settings specify an empty project and here's something new in there very recent versions of a Visual Studio security development life cycle turn this one off it will save you a little bit of trouble with well I don't want to describe all of that now but turn this off and then your code will match exactly the code that's in the remaining videos and we won't be tripping over anything so an empty project and turning off this SDL and when it creates your project for you it looks fairly complicated we don't need all of these parts we're going to work in the source files folder so we're going to put a file in here to enter our code right click on source files and say add a new item and we're going to make a C file not C++ so here's the other place where you can get tripped up if you make a CPP file then you'll be typing code in C++ and we want a C file so I'm gonna call this hello dot C you have to include the dot C or it will assume a C++ file and and another place to trip so just always use this dot.

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