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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Credentials

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Credentials

Welcome this video provides a step-by-step guide to help you complete the application for a West credential evaluation as a quick overview first you will need to apply after you complete your application West will pryou with a reference number which is a number assigned to your account and evaluation second read the document requirements for your country of education carefully follow the instructions for what academic documents to send and how to send them if documents are not sent in correctly West cannot pra credential evaluation so it is very important to follow the instructions step 3 is performed by Wes West will verify your credentials prepare your evaluation and deliver the reports to you and the institution's you have designated this video explains how to apply to Wes to begin click apply for a West credential evaluation in the yellow box this page includes the important links how to get a West credential evaluation and required documents document requirements are very specific based on your country of study please take the time to carefully review the required documents you must follow the instructions so that Wes can complete your evaluation when you are ready click the apply Now button this link is for US equivalency only if you need to apply for a Canadian equivalency you must visit the West Canada website to create an account complete all fields begin by selecting US note that your email address will also serve as your user ID you will need your email address to log into your account you have just created your account and can now begin the application the first tab is for your personal information your name gender date of birth mailing address and login information enter your first and last name as they appear on your academic credentials a West valuation is issued with the name that appears on your official academic documents such as transcripts degree certificates and diplomas be sure to pra postal code to ensure prompt delivery of your report we review the information you have entered and click continue the next tab is your education information enter all of the academic credentials that you would like Wes to evaluate whether commends that you list all of your post secondary school credentials remember to spell out the full name of your credential for example Bachelor of Arts not ba include secondary school or high school credentials for freshman admission for transfer or graduate students please check with the institutions to which you are applying to see if they require it to be evaluated otherwise it is not necessary to include don't forget to review the required documents for your country of education and check the box to indicate that you have read them if Wes requires additional information about your academic history we will notify you by email when you are finished entering your credentials click continue next select your purpose for a credential evaluation this will help determine what type of credential evaluation you need the chart below details each type of evaluation if your purpose is graduate studies licensure or you are a transfer student select the course by course evaluation for freshman admission employment or immigration purposes choose the basic document by documents evaluation Wes ICAP includes verified transcript delivery of your report as well as permanent storage of your academic records this is a good option so you don't have to contact your institution again to obtain your transcripts select your evaluation then select the institution's you would like to receive your evaluation report click Add recipient if you would like to complete this part later click continue if you choose to add a recipient select the type of recipient from the drop-down list after you have selected the type of institution search for it by name spell it out completely for the best results some institutions have more than one school or department review the list carefully to select the correct school or department within the university for example if you are applying for a Masters of Business Administration you would select the Harvard Business School not Harvard University when you have selected the correct recipient click select this institution if you do not see the institution listed you can enter it manually by selecting other to enter the institution manually be sure to carefully enter the institution's information we suggest you compare it to any official documentation you have or the institution's website to ensure that the spelling and address you enter are correct when you are finished you can add another recipient or click the continue button next our services and fees where you can add additional reports and delivery options it takes seven business days after Wes has received and approved your documents to complete the evaluation if you live overseas Wes recommends secured expedited and traceable delivery you can also add these options later click continue to move on to the next page next choose your payment method Wes accepts payment by Visa MasterCard American Express personal check money order or Western Union if you select credit card or western union you will be redirected to a secure third-party website to complete payment the check money order option includes additional payment instructions choose a payment option and click continue finally review and submit your order by clicking the link review your application make sure all the information is correct especially your name and date of birth please read the terms and conditions as well as Wes's privacy policy add a check mark to indicate you have read and accepted the policies and certify the information you have provided is accurate and authentic then click the submit application button after you have submitted your application you will receive a reference number from Wes note that your application is pending until Wes receives and approves all required academic documents your West reference number should be included on all envelopes and correspondence including.

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