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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Deductions

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Deductions

Hello my name is Cassandra Martinez and welcome to the CDC our resource planning and reduction section option worksheet instructional video which will provide instructions as if an employee has received an options worksheet this video was created as a tool to assist you in understanding the options worksheet as resource planning and reduction section or our PRS will not be conducting placement options meetings with impacted employees this decision was made due to the state's fiscal situation upcoming statewide reductions and the large number of impact if you have received an options worksheet packet it means that you are either directly affected by position reductions or designated as one of the least senior in your classification in the area of layoffs determinations were made as to which individuals placed on sroa would require an options worksheet based on classification seniority score and area layoffs options worksheets are unique to each impacted employee and have been personalized to your specific situation the options worksheets identify all available placement options which will include permanent vacancies as well as permanently funded positions filled by limited term or training and development assignments as these are also considered vacancies for the purpose of placement employees will also be provided the opportunity to bump within the area of layoffs provided no vacancies exist for that classification individuals do not have the ability to elect a position in which they will bump into as it is based on seniority and typically the individual be awarded the position held by the leasing your staff in the area of layoffs within the specific classification the options worksheet packet will also include various tools such as steps in the placement process and further information to assist the employee with making a decision however Duty statements or position numbers will not be provided if you have any questions after the review of this options worksheet please contact the our PRS hotline at 87 729 75 599 our PRS cannot advise employees which options are best for them as this is a personal decision based upon each individual circumstances at this time we will take the opportunity to explain the options worksheet starting with page 1 of the worksheet titled California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation placement / layoffs options worksheet summary of employees impacted status the information at the top of this page summarizes your impacted status it will be listed it as a header for every page of the options worksheet in the event you contact our PRS this information will be used to provide you with assistance employee name this is your name followed by the last four of your social security number layoff name this is the name of the plan in which you are currently impacted impacted classification this is the classification that your impacted in if you believe this to be incorrect please contact our PRS please keep in mind this classification may be different than your current classification if you are currently working in a temporary capacity such as a limited term appointment or training and development assignment for example if you are currently appointed limited term the information listed would be for your last permanent appointment as that is the classification in which you are impacted area of layoffs this is the area of layoffs in which you are impacted impacted work location this is the work location in which you are impacted preliminary seniority score this will list your preliminary seniority scores along with a date in which the score is calculated through the first score shown is your total state service score which will include any exempt and or military time the zone file with our PRS the second score is your bu six score which includes any time that you may have served in a rank-and-file or supervisory the u6 classification the last score shown is your bu 13 score which includes time you may have served in a ranking I'll be u13 classification seniority scores will be updated to your final seniority score and post it approximately 30 to 60 days prior to the layoff effective date return information and special notations this options worksheet must be completed signed and faxed to 916 3222 393 by close of business on the date specified once your options worksheet has been submitted even if before the due date indicated our PRS will not accept any amendments it is very important that you have considered all available options and are comfortable with all of the options you have selected as well as ensuring that the entire document is complete again once an options worksheet is submitted to our PRS absolutely no amendments will be accepted special notations these are key notes regarding the placement process our PRS can only facilitate placement to permanent positions within CDCR our PRS has made every effort to ensure that vacancy is listed in this worksheet are viable however if a vacancy is not available our PRS will move on to your next selection in priority order you must possess a valid license credential or certificate and/or meet any special requirements that are associated with specific positions listed or placement will not be facilitated contact information it is your responsibility to keep your contact information current please check the box that is provided to indicate that the address reflected is correct if your contact information as listed is inaccurate please complete an employee action request or EA our form and submit it to your institution personnel officer or personnel liaison immediately this is the contact information that will be utilized by our PR s4 official correspondence and or notifications in the contact information there is an area designated to list contact number please list all possible contact numbers as our PRS may need to contact you regarding your option worksheet our PRS will only contact you if there is a question or concern regarding your selections but it is essential that we can do so quickly.

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