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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Determining

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Determining

All right welcome back everybody in this video we're going to determine the project duration and critical path of this project that we are given the table of dependencies for so the process here we're gonna do a rough draft over here make sure we don't have any unnecessary crossovers well redraw it all nice and pretty and with space to put some more information on our nodes and then we'll do a forward pass and a backward pass to get the early start late start and all of that good stuff then we can find at the critical path and also the whole project duration so first things first let's do a rough draft here we know that activity a is the first activity in the project because it has no predecessor so I'll go ahead and draw that activities B and C both depend on a so we can write activity B and activity C next up we have activity D if this depends on B so we have activity B well no that's not right I'm activity D get carried away here now activities E and F both depend on activity C so both of these guys are gonna come off of C we have E and we have F next up we have activity G this depends on D and E so we're going to need some arrows coming up both of these guys leading into activity G and lastly we have activity H here and that depends on activities F and G so we're gonna have H there and F is going to lead into it and so it is G and there we go this looks right we have no unnecessary cross overs so we don't have to redo it or shift anything around now all we need to do is we'll just redraw it with our typical no it's here that we've been using again in case you forget the convention that I'm going by we have in this square we have activity with the duration and then we have early start early finish and then late start and late finish so we'll just draw the diagram right here and now what we want to do is just complete our forward pass to find the early start early finish and then once we have that we'll do our backwards pass to find the late finishes and the late starts so starting with activity a we start at zero start the beginning of day 1 is zero whereas the end if they want to be 1 right so we start at zero typically a its duration is three days so we have zero plus three early finish is three then remember if what we do is we bring the late of the early finish into the early start of these activities so we just bring the three up because they can't start until this guy's done so again now we said 3 + 4 7 3 plus 2 is 5 you can really go in any order that you want here just as long as you make sure you're bringing over the right number so we're gonna bring seven into this guy and 7 plus 5 is 12 now we can't fill on this yet because there's two different arrows coming in and we'll have to pick the larger value so we have 5 here we're gonna bring the 5 up 5 plus 1 is 6 and obviously the 12 here will win right because G depends on e and D it can't start until e and E are both done and while he finishes on the end of day six here and D finishes on the end of day 12 so obviously we have to wait till the end of day 12 before we can start G so we bring in the 12 here and 4 will get 16 now again we have to wait we're not sure what we can put here yet cuz there's two arrows coming in so we have to go all the way back to here so we had the early finish on C we're gonna bring that to the early start on F that's a 5 5 plus 2 is 7 and what are we going to bring here we have a 7 or we have a 16 while the 16 obviously wins because H depends on G and F and obviously we can't start it on day 7 or the end of day 7 or getting update I suppose because we'd we need to wait for G definition it's expected to finish here and then to day 16 so we're gonna bring that 16 in and we'll have 16 plus 3 is 19 so right away we know that the duration of the project the planned duration of this project is 19 days now we want to find out what the critical path so we're gonna have to do the backwards pass and how we do that if you're a call we're gonna bring this 19 down right the 19 here and similar but different instead of adding the duration we're going to be subtracting the duration as we go back so we have 19 minus 3 we get 16 now we can bring the 16 into this spot we can also bring it into this spot because there's no competing arrows coming in so first of all we'll start up here 16 minus 4 we have 12 and again we can bring this 12 to here because there's only one arrow leading in we can bring this 12 down here cuz there's only one arrow 12 minus 1 it's 11 and up here we had 12 minus 5 is 7 again you can jump around as much as you like here down here we actually forgot to finish this guy to the 16 minus 2 will get 14 here all right now leading into.

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