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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Determining

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Determining

Sentence 1: All right, welcome back everybody. Sentence 2: In this video, we're going to determine the project duration and critical path of this project. Sentence 3: We are given the table of dependencies for this project. Sentence 4: The first step is to create a rough draft of the project diagram. Sentence 5: This rough draft ensures that there are no unnecessary crossovers. Sentence 6: Next, we will redraw the diagram neatly. Sentence 7: We will also leave space to add more information on our nodes. Sentence 8: Once the diagram is complete, we will a forward pass and a backward pass. Sentence 9: These passes will help us determine the early start, late start, early finish, and late finish times for each activity. Sentence 10: The next step is to find the critical path and the overall project duration. Sentence 11: In our rough draft, we identified activity A as the first activity since it has no predecessor. Sentence 12: Activities B and C both depend on activity A. Sentence 13: After that, activity D depends on activity B. Sentence 14: Activities E and F both depend on activity C. Sentence 15: Activity G depends on activities D and E. Sentence 16: Lastly, activity H depends on activities F and G. Sentence 17: Now, we will redraw the diagram using the standard convention of activity, duration, early start, early finish, late start, and late finish times. Sentence 18: We will start with the forward pass to determine the early start and early finish times. Sentence 19: Beginning with activity A, which starts at day 0 and lasts for 3 days, the early finish time will be day 3. Sentence 20: Activity B and C both depend on activity A, so their early start time will be day 3 as well. Sentence 21: Activity D depends on activity B, so its early start time will also be day 3. Sentence...