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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Developments

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Developments

What's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com today we're going to do the definitive back training workout video for you and this is why because I'm breaking out four damn markers for you guys matter of fact it's a whole new package of markers to make sure the Jeff muscle markers that you get what we're talking about when it comes to back training look first and foremost people don't give the back the respect it deserves because they can't see it they don't want to train it those that are training a little bit more seriously of course you'll train your back but as you'll see by the time this video is done there's a lot more going on in the back than just the last as a matter of fact you can see I got a whole damn road map going on back here and a lot of ink was used to make sure that we get you to understand that so I'm going to break it down muscle by muscle and tell you why you need to do certain things and one of the best exercises to target those areas so you have a better understanding that next time you attack your back workout okay let's start with the lats that's probably the one that you're at least training right so what we want to do is look at the anatomy of the last will better understand what they do they feed into the X in our back not just me I'm not the only one that has an X implanted in my back it's actually something we all should strive for and what that is the LAT as it feeds down it in you'll have the X that kind of goes like this in your back it's the rack of lumbar faster that the lats will feed into we'll talk about that muscle in a second it feeds into it there and then they fan up and around so how would you train these well you want to make sure that you're pulling your arms down and into your sides and we're going to do that with exercises like pull-ups or less I'm showing you here a lat pulldown but why is it that you might feel it more or at least more of a stretch when you're doing an underhand lat pulldown as I'm showing you here well look at the anatomy again if I have my arms in front of my body like this instantly you see that I'm getting more stretch more of a lengthening here of the lat as it reaches all the way around the back and up around here at the top whereas if I put my arm to the side here I've just taken away all that extra stretch so you might feel it more by doing an underhand version of this both of them are going to ultimately end down at your side of peak contraction of the lats but you're going to at least maybe have an understanding now why one may feel better than the other the next muscle group we're going to attack because it takes a huge portion it covers a large area of your back or your traps and we look at them they're big ass muscles they're the ones over here taking up all this space they literally start at the base of your head on the bump here at the back of your head they come all the way down your spine they fan out here they come back in and they actually have different purposes and different functions depending upon the area of that muscle we're talking about so you might have heard people talk about the upper traps and you have people talking about the lower traps well again look at the direction of the fibers the fibers of the upper trap are coming down this way so I always talk about one of the big flaws people make when they train their traps is to strictly just lift straight up and down that's not really training the last the way that they actually have to be trained if you're taking in to respect the orientation the fiber is going down this way then you want to actually be pulling up and at an angle so I've actually developed the exercise here that I showed you in a previous trap video that actually does just that now you don't have to use a band to do this you could use at lower cable weighted heavy and you can pull at an angle up against that slope and then twist and turn because we're going to get some of that retraction of the scapula as well so we're building in to the major functions of the upper trap the next thing I'm going to do is then look at the lower trap and these fibers are going to run up in this direction so what they do is they actually stabilize down and back and hold your shoulder blades in place down and back so we can actually attack them with an exercise like the inverted Y you take a light set of dumbbells and again if you're not used to train these muscles you're going to have to get used to it because you need to train all of them in order to get your back to show the way it's supposed to you want to get your arms up and over your head keeping your shoulder blades down and back especially as you raise the weight up it gets more challenging your shoulder blades want to fly away keep them packed down and back you'll hit both the upper and now the lower traps next we have another one of those muscles that you probably don't really think about that much but if you want to have a complete back and a total back development you better start.

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