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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Ea

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Ea

Music hey guys song here today let's talk about the employer tax obligation 2022 February and March is here and I realized a lot of employers are not aware of their tax obligations as an employer this is very very important as the penalty can go up to 20,000 the first employer obligation is to send your ei form to all your employees regardless they are working with you still or they have resigned you still need to send them a form within the EA form they will inform how much they have earned two other year how much gross income they have earned how much bonus they have how much overtime that and any exam tax allowances any allowances how much is a source or how much the EPF how much is the PCB all these are disclosed under form a the second employer obligation is to submit the form e now we did the form itself they will disclose how many employees left during the year how many has resigned during the year how many have resign and leave Malaysia where the clearance has been done how many new employees there so these are things that you need to disclose inform yourself and the due date is the reverse March 2022 for year of assessment 2022 and also just not to you there is evil in Greece period going on so you can extend for another month which if you use a filing you can submit by that if April employee obligation number three is to submit your CP 8 d CP ad is actually a form with dean form itself so for me and CP 80 we submit together look at CP ad so what are the information that is required in this form the page 1 they want your name of employees the income tax number identification number or passport and what is the category of the employee whether any text borne by the employer how many child relief they are claiming how many children they have and what is a total gross remuneration if you look at page two they want you to disclose the benefiting kinds what are the value of libby accommodation enjoyed by the employee whether that's any source benefit whether that's any tax exempt allowances whether there's any TP one claim so what is the contribution to k WS p zakah PCB and any tax installment paid under CP 38 imagine you have 30 employees or 50 employees how many lines you need to go in in CP ID how many columns how many rows you need to fill up so it's very frustrating because we have been going through that kind of process for the past few years and of course if you are using SQL payroll there is always a way out so let's jump to the PC I will teach you how if you are using SQL payroll then the world is basically so much simpler just go to your past payroll go to your December year-end and then you will see the summary here what you do you can print the income tax da form here click apply it as click let's say 2022 version and then all the EI forms are here so you just generate everything is there so you don't have to do it manually one by one how about C p8d just go to payroll then you go to common reports and you go to CPA D choose your year 2022 and press apply and then when you press the preview button it will show you the form once you generate the CPA ad you realize everything is here it's really generated you can choose to take this form and fill up the evil in yourself or you can export it later on later we will show you how to export and at the bottom page it also includes the number of employees s at U n how many employees has joined the workforce during the year laughs Malaysia or left or workforce during that year everything is here so basically take this information put it into your form II you are done go back to this page in CPA ad on the right hand side you look at this blue button just click submission and you can say if we do any way you like once you're safe and later we will upload this file into the efiling portal the export function is so convenient basically you can export the whole CP ad and then upload into the efiling itself so you don't have to keep everything that you see here in this page none of them you need to keep because everything is automatically generated if you use export function there you go a simple guideline to employer obligation 2022 if you like this video please give us a thumbs up share with your friends who has these problems well I am song and I'll see you in the next video Music.

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