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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Employed

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Employed

Hi guys so it's me Rosaline and now we will fill out form i-765 the updated one application for employment authorization so first you have to go to google and then type i seven six five and click this i-765 application for employment authorization USCIS make sure to get all your forms to the USCIS website don't download or get your forms to other website to schedule forms download your forms to the USCIS website so as you can see in here US Citizenship and Immigration Services this is the website of USCIS and then click this one form i-765 to download the form and you can download the instruction for form i-765 also i already download the form and fill out the form so we can discuss it faster okay so this is the updated form of i-765 USCIS form i-765 expires May 31st year 2022 application for employment authorization so just make sure that you need to decide if you will use your maiden name or single name or you will use your married name which is the last name of your husband because I encounter one of my viewer asked me that when she applied for adjustment of status and work permit she indicated and use her single name and now she wanted to apply for social security card and she presented her green card under the name of her single name so automatic and don't expect that the social secure the office will grant if you wanted to use your married name to your Social Security card because it will not happen because when you apply for an identification they will require you to submit your identification and whatever name on your identification that is the one that they will use for your ID I mean for your Social Security card so you need to decide if you will maintain your single name or you will use your married name and once you decided that you will use your married name once you apply and fill out the form adjustment of status or form i-485 EAD or employment that is authorization or form i-765 and form i-130 one you need to put your married name make sure it's the same for all the forms your name it's the same okay so you will not get any RFE pertaining to the name you're using it should be the same if you use your married name then all the forms you will use the married name okay so let's start to fill out the form i-765 this is the new and updated form of i-765 so the beneficiary or the principal immigrant will fill out this form so part one reason for applying I am applying for select only one box since this is the first time that you will apply for a employment authorization and you need to click one a initial permission to accept employment but if you need to replace your EAD you need to click one B if you renew your you will click 1c so since this is the first time you need to click 1a okay then point to information about to your about you your full legal names so on this portion this is the name that you will use if you wanted to use your married name or your single name so your family name so I decided to use my married name I will use the last name of my husband so the family name Campbell my first name Rosaline and then the middle name Reyes so meaning my last name or my maiden name will be my middle name now okay so this one so my single name is Rosaline my middle name is Garcia my family name is Reyes so now since I am using my married name my last name my last name to my single name would be will be my middle name now so before Rosaline Garcia Reyes so now since I will use my married name Rosaline Reyes come bail okay sorry if I focus on this area because most of my viewers confused how to write their full name so that's why I explain it very well okay so other names use provide all other names you have ever use including all ESS made an animal nicknames if you need extra space to complete the section use the space provided in part 6 additional information the part 6 is the last page I believe it is the last page yeah this portion as you can see there is a number so you can write it in here okay so you can use PDF you can use handwriting so fill up the form and then just use black ink okay so since I'm using my single name you need to write your eye sorry so since I am using my married name I need to write my single name on this part because it was threatening here provide all other names so maiden name okay it's a family name Reyes give a name Rosalee middle name Garcia okay so you need to write here your maiden name and then leave the three and four Blanc but if you have the other name just put it in here but I suggest your audience or nickname don't include it in here because I don't know what complications will may give you because you need to give supporting documents or a dot okay the next continuation of part to your us mailing address so where you are staying here in the United States so street number you can write your name in here in care of name you can write in here but you can leave it blank so street name there is an apartment floor city state zip code make sure your address is correct because the USCIS will send all your documents to the address that you are reading here or on your.

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