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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Enrolled

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Enrolled

Hello in this section you are going to do see about how to enter all access to the user in national apprenticeship training scape to produce further please ensure that following documents are tips ready for enrolling in the bottle first one any one of the following government IDs which are necessary driving license water ID passport and card second one valid personal email id this is also mandatory third one mobile number will be recursive sent OTP this is also mandatory for one qualifying degree or professional certificate format PDF five less than 1mb this is also mandatory possible sites photograph format jpg site less than 200 kb band account details and other card let's see how to do it and a deploying URL in any of your favorite browser driven aaww job in h LD n nature s dot geo big dot in its direct you to the national apprenticeship training scheme website where you can see the menus like for a bowl top student industry institution local button enroll button menu search these menu you will get detailed information about this website now let's see also enroll students just click on the enroll button on top right hand side of your webpage once you click the enroll button it directs you to the user registration page from this page select category as a student and then click the submit button after giving some big button it's direct you to the anything is both an internal process in this enjoyment process we have full set of process they are eligibility check questionnaire and guidelines three enrollment form premium and code form now led to the enrollment process one by one in a strategic we have to answer the bell you questions to check your eligibility here i am choosing the option as a student and then in below field we have to update the status of our course if you have completed the fault meat just select have completed or you still missing the goals just select I am doing in next field select your categories based on your education politician in next field select the peer or something and then choose the mode of Education and sandwich have you undergone any master both graduation holes if you yes means select ears or in Spanish no have you undertaken any previous training as a part of the apprenticeship program except as language students if we as main select yes or is select no do you have any work experience of one year or more if we ask means selecting yes or s select no if you have work experience means you are not eligible to enroll this apprentice program that's it you will get greeting message at Congress you are eligible to enter on of next stream document table as I mentioned earlier please ensure that the following documents are kept ready for enrolling in the portion if you are the data please click I have data button once you click on the I have above data button it will ask you to enter the mobile number to send OTB to verify the mobile number no just try the mobile number and then click on the send ODB once you click on the send out repealing you will receive or cheapy to the interest mobile number if you haven't received the OTP please click on regenerate OTP once you click on regenerate OTP you will receive an auntie day 2 enters mobile number in one-time password field enter the OTP number and click continue button now your mobile number got clarified the name of students field enter you name as for you a qualification certificate of mark sheet no please you think in stirred in primary email ID fields enter for your primary email ID and instead of the of a third field we have to set up the password the password should be minimum 8 to 16 characters one capital letter one small data one number one special character no space as sample given below there now enter the password in proper Hildur next in confirm password field you have to reenter the password if you would like to view the purpose click on show password after confirming the password click Save and click new button once you click on save and continue button you have successfully finished tip one process eligibility check and now you sit in to get to browser's questionnaire and guidelines in questionnaire and guidelines you will see the Rickett document and terms and conditions just fall down break the terms and conditions once you agree with the herbal term and conditions please click the check box and click agree and continue button once you click agree and continue button its critics to you the Tipsy process now you have successfully finished step two process questionnaire and guidelines and tip e to tip greengrocers enrollment form in enrollment form you have to update information like personal information educational detail and training preference in personal information perhaps categorical I basic information communication information and bank details first let's update basic information in basic information you have to upload your possible site photograph image type should be the pg9 engine should be 3.5 into 4.5 and file size less than 300 KB can be uploaded in image field you are uploaded photo will be and then a name of student field you can see the name get update automatically from first and level process in father's name field you have to enter your father's name as for your qualification certificate or worksheet in mother's name field you have to enter your mother's name and for your qualification certificate on worksheet in date of birth field select the date of birth as show your qualification certificate or sheep now click on the sub to choose the year then select oh yeah now select the month now select a date in ground man I record field.

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