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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Exclude

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Exclude

Today we're gonna learn how to remove anything by tricking the content of air filth now what is the content of air fill well it's the automatic brother of the clone stamp tool now what does the clone stamp tool do it allows you to fill or remove replace certain areas by sampling some other areas and of course the sampling is manual you manually determine what to sample and using that sample you replace or fill certain areas well the content of air fill is automatic you just select the area that you want to replace or fill and then just play it and it does everything automatically and anytime there is something automatic in Photoshop it tends to sample from the wrong areas in this video we're gonna be talking about how to make Photoshop sample from the areas that you desire isn't that interesting it's very interesting so without any further ado let's get started Music so he'll be on Photoshop and if you want to download this photo make sure to go ahead and check the links in the description so first off make a copy of the background layer why because content-aware fill is destructive so to be super safe we need to make copy to make a copy ctrl or command J done now suppose you want to remove this chimney and this is distracting you so what to do select any selection tool I'll select the rectangular marquee tool and make a selection around it and simple press shift delete if you are using a Mac if you're using Windows it would be shift backspace okay so shift backspace or shift delete this opens up the fill dialog box and you can choose content aware and click OK or what you can do you can go to edit fill brings up the same dialog box choose content aware and make sure color and apt ation is checked mode normal 100% click OK this should do a pretty good job because this is an easy fix Wow it did a wonderful job if you zoom out you cannot tell now let's try on some other things let's try on these names ok so suppose you want to remove this so sorry to the author shift backspace shift delete if you're using a Mac and then click OK let's see what kind of a job it does it did brilliantly let's try it on this one and let's shift backspace and then click OK let's see wonderful job now let's try on this one I'm very doubtful about this shift backspace counted away click OK let's see now as you can see this did a pretty good job but at the same time it is sampling from the wood here we don't want that because it's similar color its sampling from here we don't want that to happen so how to make Photoshop sample from just these areas ok these areas it's very simple here's what you need to do just make a mask of just this area ok what is in the current layer and listen to this carefully what if in currently there is nothing to sample from except the cover of this particular book wouldn't that be interesting so here's what you need to do to remove this special case make another copy of it press ctrl or command J ok now in this layer you just wanted to sample from this particular area what if we had nothing else right that would force Photoshop to sample from just those areas so simply create a mask ok so we want Photoshop to sample from just this area so we would select that area and create a mask by clicking on this button now let's try it now let's come back to the layer C mask is selected that doesn't need to happen come back to the layer and then do the same thing shift backspace gone to the vet click OK now to sample from nowhere else but just that area you know why because that layer just has those areas if we make this layer solo this just has this area it has nowhere else to sample from so that's the trick now you can also try removing big stuff like let's come to this layer and let's try removing this mug let's see if that can do it shift backspace click ok let's see and obviously we need to make some changes some fixes here and there for this particular big removal ok it did a pretty good job you can go with it but the edges and the corners are something that you need to fix and you can fix this very easily by using the clone stamp tool right so simple just sample this area and just paint just line it up and paint or probably this is not straight what I would do I would select the rectangular marquee tool make a selection of this bring it on its own layer controller command J and then move it to this particular area and then rotate it a little bit move it a little up and then soften the edges with the eraser or mask it out select the mask take the brush foreground color black and you know the whole story of how to do it ok and then you can go ahead and adjust it so that it fits bring down and use the let's go back to this layer and select the clone stamp - and this is an easy fix just line it up a bit and there you go that solved and that's how you solve these problems now let me show you one other thing which is not a part of this tutorial but will be very important to you okay so slowly and gradually you can go and remove this this is simple now why did I remove the book.

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