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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Exempt

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Exempt

Hi guys I'm gonna do a quick video today all about filing your homestead exemption it's January right now and this is the time when I remind all my buyers who purchased a home last year that they need to file their homestead exemption so in case you're new to Texas or you're not really familiar I'm going to show you what the form looks like right here it's an application for residents homestead exemption and what that means so here in Texas we have property taxes on on you know homes that you own and if a property is your primary residence that you live in full time then you can claim that as your homestead and properties that you claim as your homestead will have a reduction in the annual amount of property taxes that you pay so of course it's really important to get it filed and you want to pay you know as low property taxes as you possibly can and there's a timeline that you can file it so you can only file it between January 1st and April 30th and you have to own the property in the tax year so for example my clients that purchased homes in 2022 they will not be able to file for their homestead exemption until they've owned it on January 1st so that's why right now I'm reminding everybody hey it's you know it's January you purchased last year so now at the time when you fill it out and you have like I said and all the way until April 30th to get that done and one other quick mention there are some companies that send you mailers and say oh I'll fill out your homestead exemption for $49 just mail me some money it is completely free to fill out your this form you should not pay anybody and if you see anything in your mail asking you to pay to file your homestead just throw it away it's just junk mail if they're trying to make money on you okay so let's go through the steps of the homestead exemption so the first page step one just has information about you so you're just going to have your contact information your address your phone and all that kind of stuff pretty straightforward and then step two it's going to be the information about your property that's all going to hold the hold up so that your mailing address and other information and now what I really wanted to go over I will leave that up for a second in case anybody wants to screenshot it are the different types of exemptions that are offered so most people are going to check that first for general residents homestead exemption which is just kind of the basic one you know you're saying that this is my primary residence and you want to claim it there are some other ones to be aware of if you are disabled you can file for an additional exemption to further lower your property taxes if you're aged 65 or older there's another exemption for that that also keeps your taxes lower and then one that a lot of people don't know about if you are 55 or older and your spouse dies but your spouse has the property claimed as an exemption you can keep that exemption on the property and it's called the surviving spouse of individual who qualified for age 65 or older exemptions so in case you're falling in that age range want to make sure that you know about that one as well and then the next page page 3 step 4 has a couple tax exemptions that you may or may not want to check depending on your situation and then step 5 application documents is asking you to include your driver's license and they actually recently changed this your driver's license address has to match the address that you're claiming is your homestead they just made that change a few years ago so like if you have an investment property and and a homestead and you're trying to kind of fudge the fudge of the information a little bit which I've seen people do you really can do you have to have the address on your driver's license match the one that you're claiming as your homestead so a few other things page four this just asks for some different backup information so if you are claiming that you're 65 or older or that you're disabled they're gonna ask you to fill out an affidavit and just kind of give them some you know basic information to kind of prove that that's that's true then you sign it and then the last page page 5 is just what I was mentioning about those affidavits if you have the some of those special exemptions that you need to fill out so it's really like like you can see it's just five pages it's really pretty simple to fill it out it doesn't cost you anything you can only do it from January 1st through April 30th of the tax year so just make sure whenever you move that you get this done and that way you'll pay a lot less in property taxes so I hope this video was helpful I will put down below in the video description links to all the central Texas counties Travis Hays Williamson will go ahead and link those so you can just click real easily and find the tax form for for where you are and if you have any questions when you're filling it out feel free to call me you can also call the tax appraisal district they're usually really helpful in answering any questions that you have but just make sure that you get it in by the deadline and I hope this video was helpful thanks for watching bye bye.

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