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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Exemption

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Exemption

Hello this is Rowland and Olivia with the right choice group and Remax North San Antonio in today's video we are gonna teach you how to successfully fill out your Texas homestead exemption form for 2022 now if you purchase a home in 2022 now is the time for you to complete this four that's exactly right we need to fill that out anytime between January 1st and April 30th so what we're gonna do in this video today is walk you through the homestead exemption form for the state of Texas line-by-line will show you exactly what you need to fill out and where you need to send it in order for you to qualify for your 2022 Texas homestead exemption okay so let's go ahead and show you exactly where to get this form now I'm gonna provide a link to the form in the video description so you don't have to worry about doing this but in case you wanted to know how to find it all you have to do is Google 2022 Texas homestead exemption form and what we're looking for is this form PDF 5 0 - 1 1 4 that's your homestead exemption form from the Texas Comptroller office and I'll show you exactly what you need to do just pull it up and this is what we're looking at here in the state of Texas for your residence homestead exemption application so what you want to do on the top so we're here in bare county so what we're gonna do is put bare county appraisal district whatever county that you're in you'll just need to google that or look it up and that's the basically the county that you're going to want to send this form to so in our case here in san antonio texas we're a bear county appraisal district if you know the appraisal districts account number you could put it up here it is not required if you want to Google your bear county or your counties appraisal tax district number and you can do that as well and put that up here in the upper right hand corner so the first question is gonna ask us do you own and live in the property for which you're syncing this residence homestead exemption so obviously in this case we're gonna want to go ahead and put yes and you're going to put when you're applying for your exemption so if you bought the home in 2022 which you would have to have bought this home in 2022 in order to file for an exemption in 2022 so that's one thing you need to know if you bought a home in 2022 you're going after wait until 2022 to file your homestead exemption so that's really important so in this case we're gonna put 2022 or if you watching this video and you haven't done a homestead exemption and you bought same 2022 what you have a father yet that's fine go ahead and click on that you'll put 2022 in that year assuming that this is the first time you filed for a Texas homestead exemption the other thing to note is that once you file for a homestead exemption in the state of Texas you do not have to file for it again it will be on place for the entire time that you own that home moving forward and presuming you buy another home and want to claim exemption on that so basically a one-time exemption you only have to apply for it once and it will be in place the entire time you own the home so down under section 1 these are the exemptions that we can qualify for in this case we're going to be applying for the general residence homestead exemption there are some other exemptions that you can qualify for as well through the tax district which we'll go into in another video down the road but you have the option for disabled person person over 65 100% disabled bet a surviving spouse of an armed service member killed in action surviving spouse will be a first responder killed in the line of duty are donated residence a partially disabled veteran or surviving spouse so again in this case this is the homestead exemption application you do have the option just like these other options as well if you are a disabled person you can definitely click that just put it in there well in this case we're gonna be applying for the general residence homestead exemption cooperative housing you would know if you're in a co-op or anything like that in most cases you're gonna put no where you receiving a homestead exemption on your previous residence if you only home before that you had a home site exemption on you would indicate yes in this case that you're applying for an exemption on a new home and again one of the other parameters is that you do have to live in that property as your primary residence so you're gonna want to put in this case if you did a home before that you had a home exemption on you would but guess if this is your first home that you've ever purchased you would put no moving forward in that spot are you transferring an exemption from a previous residence again same thing applies if you had an exemption on a previous home that you sold and now you're transferring that to this new home you would put yes if this is the first time you purchase a home you would put no in this case moving forward on that spot are you transferring a tax limitation so if you had a tax limitation on a previous property again that's something you would know up front if that is not the case in your situation or if you're not sure what that is the most likely.

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