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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Foundations

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Foundations

Even though I have only this end of this rim walls only give me two feet here for this garage door opening I like to run a board all the way cut from corner to corner to tie the whole thing all in together even though this little wing wall is only going to be two feet wide we're going to have a 16 foot wide opening for the garage okay Ryan is going to start using he's got a little 2 by 10 over here at 2 by 10 is a perfect little trick to gauge his inside Stig's lift 2 by 10 is a nine and a half it's going to lock her that thing in put a 2x4 board on there and you end up with a perfect 8 inch wide footing or excuse me simple okay so we're continuing around the perimeter to the foundation notice that when we come down here that we are staggering our seams if you leave your seams above one another on these four boards going to be a weak spot so we ought to stagger those off set our our ends on our boards these two by eights will all be used again in the framing of the subfloor and maybe possibly the roof of the house when it's all done we have these uprights about every 30 to 36 inches and you notice there's always a stake or too close to the joints right down here okay so here we are we've made it all the way around the front that's the garage door opening we've done the complete perimeter we have most of our kickers in to hold everything nice and in line with where we want now we're going to start coming around doing all our inside forms one with the inside form again it's going to be an 8 inch stem wall pretty standard for a two-story house he's here in California so we'll go since we've gone around the whole perimeter we will now go around the inside guess he's doubling that up and that's okay okay so we've got all our forms up now Jesse's coming around it's going to trim all these cakes off flush makes it really handy for rottenness concrete off there's nothing in your way our little literally not ho much and he'll go around this whole foundation cut it in plus you can see how clean it is we've got the silicon spreaders on there and kick it off so it's all lined and steady but first we're going to go to put our rebar in finds in the last little bit of this stem wall right now okay so Monday morning at our inspection we're ready to pour this thing josh is going around getting everything wet at the footings all the lumber cleaned off you know we used to use for moil or diesel oil put on the wood keeps the concrete from sticking the thing is code does not like you and ie Building Standards it's not like getting any oil on the rebar so we are just using water nowadays and try to avoid all that stuff anyway it seems to work fine if you wet it down want to point something out here I'm standing in what will be the garage we have two little wing walls on either side of the 16-foot opening we show you a little trick that's going to save you your garage door and so are all kinds of grease you notice on the inside right here put a four by four spacer with a couple of things so anyway there's going to be a no l-shape knots there when the concrete finish so the door can go in track and drop right down you find lab because the slab is going to be lower than the stem wall here anyway it's going to save the Cong the door guy having to get his little jackhammer out crack a bunch of concrete off your brand-new poured footing you know can't tell you how many times I've seen garage door guys have to do that so they can get the track to drop all the way to the bottom of the opening so anyway we're going to start pouring to think okay so we just pumped nine yards out we go along and we top off our footings so when the second pour comes along we have a nice continuous pour and the bottoms down here are sealed off so it doesn't blow through now then you get a little blowout but overall so looking kind of ugly there's a spot we're going to crawl through that's about it that's one yard nine yards nine yards pretty well topped all our footings off here the guys are going just rough cleaning it up real quick come back with the trials afterwards Oh a little things to cut around here about Ross Jesse all my sons and son-in-law is on the job today come back tomorrow strip all these forms here with see how came out the waters concrete still green it's strong enough that nothing moves Ross is coming around and getting rid of the stake gotta unscrew them and then pulling them out so you see already over here stakes or remove Jessie just going around doing a final cleanup good look very tomorrow Tuesday morning Ford yesterday Monday we'll go on this morning stripped of forms say we did again notice there's few if anything sticking up above our footing that we don't have to have obviously our spreaders that keep everything from pulling apart Brian's coming through taking the anchor bolt nuts off spreaders off get a clip here in a few minutes after we stripped this form and see all we did see if we screwed up too bad probably not table I like to save all these wedges get it fifteen cents apiece another.

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