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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Historical

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Historical

Reverend r-e these and Victor e AR en D adjectives in parentheses early 15th century worthy of respect from middle French Reverend from Latin Reverend us in parentheses he who is to be respected and then it goes then it goes on to say he who is now mister that's worth it to be respected I think this is gerund I've gerund I've of Reverend Rhee the stand in awe of respect honor shear be afraid of ever revert from re intensive prefix see read very very read stand in a fair respect from P ie Music were wer e suffix form of root were three perceived watch out for as a form of address for clergymen is attested it is attested from late fifteen see earlier reverent late for see in this sense abbreviation Rev is attested 1721 early roughed 1690s very reverent is used of Dean's right reverend of bishops most reverent of Archbishop's most reverent of Archbishop's most reverent of Archbishop's reverent goes on to say non clergyman see fifteen hundred from Reverend so I'm listening to Tasha's warning explain about the IRS inquisition and how it was set up and why it was set up and why the counselor courts article three courts are courts remorse what shut down by do aidid i enstein eyes aha Eisenhower in I think it was 56 and he's explaining that he had no authority to do that in addition to the fact that we had the freedmen's bureau going at the same time so we always own property via allodial title to this date and we create our trust and put our properties on it the alanna to de latitudes so he's explaining how the United States Service Corporation was used or the whole purpose of that was to divert kennels their courts a diversity of nationality all over the council courts were known as diversity of nationality all over the world and still is to this day covered up by the United States Service Corporation to enslave the heirs here under involuntary servitude and what they did with these reverence and clergies and deacons and what having bishops which they're still doing today is they paid them gave them a job give them a skullenbones kickback contract 501c3 take back contracts and then paid them off to then march in the streets and USA explaining that when these marching leader guys were marching in the streets back in you've got Martin Luther King and when this whole civil rights movement started a lot of the heirs at that point had owned hotels and they had a lot of mom-and-pop shops if you watch Jerry Seinfeld there's a show that he has talking about these mom-and-pop shops and there's a scene with Craver lying on this couch saying that the the cave the roof had a leak or something I had it was a probability of a leak but that might have been an allegory the way they were explaining it bottom line was when they started marching a lot of the people lost their they no longer had these hotels and these mom-and-pop shops Taj's explaining what happened to them over time and he said a lot of the people ended up getting sick and are sick today as a result of not being able to contribute and do what they were intended to do initially it I have a comment here from Jax del W / two times s is on the video called why fill out the w-9 1040 form and Jack says because a lot of you have contacted us here to get help to fill out those IRS formed now we suggest you doing affidavit but you have to be able to know who you are and stand on that so if you're having difficulty currently you can contact him just go to the comment and reply to him he says anyone that needs help with filling out any IRS forms hit me up I have a book called course of miracles it was very it was every it has every IRS form that we need all filled out all templates he says he's successful at this and he's been in lane since 2022 I don't know him personally and what he paid for this but what you can do what I recommend what I did a lot of times I would fill out the forms but I would write an affidavit with those forms and tell them what your situation is and that you were more and put that in there your nationality status so that they're clear about why you're filling out the forms and you could do that under threat duress indirect and coercion if you want to protect yourself even further anyways I just thought it was interesting the etymology of the word Reverend and how that word is used in a lot of the churches and what they really did do was Reverend rare in the the people that are in there you know and eventually stole all their stuff I was remembering when I'm listening to Tosh I'm reminded of the fact that we and our family are my father side had like a hundred acres I was talking about before and he was explaining Tosh is explaining what they were doing these Europeans with the lands owned by the heirs he said those that didn't have a nationality these were Europeans would do a probate probate taxes on the heirs lands which accelerated the taxes so you went from paying you know a hundred two hundred initially when you had got the land initially then all of a sudden it gradually escalated to thousands of notes and my father was complaining that they kept increasing the taxes which we may have to go back and claim that but which you can do under allodial title just your trust right so we claim it now so yeah.

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