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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Ii

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Ii

Sarnax Alfred mr. Excel podcast episode 21 99 problem with two auto song hey welcome back to the mr. excel NetCast I'm Bill Gellin couple weeks ago was down in Atlanta Georgia for the Gulf South Council meaning of the IMA a lot of great questions came up in that one including this one that stumped me someone said that they had two columns of a lot of a son so these two cells here press the autosum button and that as they were working they would insert rows insert rows insert rows and then suddenly column two would quit working now that was bizarre like why would that ever happen but then you know as as I was talking through it you know I started to replicate what was going on so we come here we do alt ir to insert a row type the next item and 100 that 800 change this is 900 that's perfect 200 1600 changes to 1800 that's perfect alright but then insert another row and this one has a value beautiful the thousand changes but column two for whatever reason has no value at all and then we insert a new row alright see and that's where the problem comes in now column 1 is going to work I want to enter 123 and the number changes but over here because I didn't type anything for jicama in c11 when I type the value here - 2 - BAM it's not working right so what we're what we're running into there is Excel is extending that formula if you have three or more cells that the formula is referring to Indian sort of 4th cell they'll extend it but the only extended if you had a number and well we didn't add a number here that causes all sorts of problems so my suggestion is that we're going to insert a blank row here and I'm gonna change the color of this blank row this you don't have to change the color of the plank row but I like to change the color of the blank row we like go to a nice light gray and then put your total here alright in this total when we use the autosum is going to include the blank row copy that across and I this is a protip here I even make my for my row height like tiny like maybe three alright so it just looks like we're just putting you know an accounting underline there almost and then you have to make sure to always insert the new rose above the blank row so iceberg 1 1 1 2 2 2 great insert a new row jicama spelled wrong 1 1 1 great nothing and then insert a new row kale 1 1 1 2 2 2 BAM and it keeps working alright so if you're gonna have those blank cells just a better overall approach all the time is to include a blank row and your autosum and then train the people using the spreadsheet to always insert the extra new rose above the blank row and your autosum will keep going on the tips like that that are in my new book mr. Excel live at 54 greatest tips of all time all right episode recap we have 2 columns of numbers the autosum at the bottom of the second column stops working intermittently once it breaks it's broken forever it's when you're inserting rows and we've figured out that it's when you sometimes leave out a number so the best practice is to always leave a blank row between the autosum and the numbers and then insert new rows above that blank row you can make the blank row a little bit smaller change the color it'll actually look like an underline now to download the workbook from today's video in case you want to work alone visit the URL down there in the YouTube description and hey if you want a fun day check out my upcoming list of seminars I'll put that link down in the YouTube description as well I want to thank you for stopping by we'll see you next time further NetCast from mr. Excel.

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