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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Iii

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Iii

Today I'm going to show you how to install the desktop version of tax-wise if you've received our email in regards to the 2022 software you can go ahead and open it and scroll to where it says tax-wise desktop it will want to take you to my dot join CIT dot-com if you already have it bookmarked then go ahead and head over to it on the software section where it says desktop download go ahead and select it and then select 2022 it will put a file at the bottom left corner of Google Chrome once it is done you can go ahead and select it to run you'll be prompted to say yes or no as far as a security option goes go ahead and select yes so the first screen that will appear is to select the language for the installation go ahead and select whichever language and hit OK it's gonna take you to preparing to install then it'll bring up another window for you to be able to install hit the next button this is your license agreement in order to proceed you're going to have to accept the terms for the License Agreement and then hit next this is where you decide which drive to install the software to if you are installing this to a network drive it will actually pick up that you do have networks on here and you can say are you installing it to a network drive yes so go ahead and select the server and select the work station number for the computer and hit next and hit install this is where it's going to install the rest of the software once done go ahead and select finish it is going to require that you restart your computer so go ahead and hit yes once the computer reboots and you open up the 2022 installation it's automatically going to bring up your setup assistant this is where you're going to enter your Ethan and your registration code that you'll find in the email that was sent out to you go ahead and enter it you can validate the code we're gonna go to the next this is where you if you are a new install go ahead and select a new install otherwise use last year's tax configuration so it'll bring over the user groups the letters yon database and so forth so go ahead and select load configuration hit OK once this is done go ahead and select the next button this is where your partner verification comes into play and you can go ahead and select the Refresh data and once that's done hits next this is where you're going to enter all of your office information as far as the contact name the company name phone number so forth and so forth hit next hit next to go to the groups and users if you already have them already in here that's fine if you need to create new ones and you want to create a specific group with only certain capabilities head over to the security group this is where you will go hit new label the group name and put all of the available actions to the right-hand side that you want this group to have the capabilities of doing so once that is done head back to the users tab select new type in the user name put a password in there select the assign group hit OK you're going to give this information over to the users in the office once you're done there hit next this is your preparer information if it came over from last year and if not go ahead and select new my first one in here is labeled as one so the next one that I'm going to do is to and I'm going to put all the information as far as the preparer go so the main information screen at the bottom if I put - hit enter or tab it'll bring in that information once I'm done with this section go ahead and select next this is where you're going to set up your printer options once you're done hit next this is where you're gonna set up your submission ID if you're on a network it's usually set to zero you're fine if you're working on standalone computers then make sure that you come in here and put these numbers to different options the first computer set to second computer set to a thousand third computer three two thousand so forth and so forth hit next this is where you're going to carry forward your returns from the previous season make sure that the drive is selected to where the UTS 17 folder is and select whatever you want to bring over as far as the w2's prepare information and tax reminders select carry-forward taxpayer data it will ask for the user names you can select them all at once and hit OK and the returns in the system you can select one by one or select all clients and it will bring them over and say that it's complete once you're done with this go ahead and select save as workstation defaults and hit save and close.

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