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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Includes

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Includes

Hi I'm Susie today I've got a special guest hi Laura we're gonna do a fill from beginning to end let's get started so my friend Laura here I've known for a very long time since she was a little baby she has beautiful hands and she loves nails so ever since you were a teen I guess although I polished your nails when you were a little kid too this is true we were gonna do a fill on her from the very beginning step by step a nail fill is restructuring the nails from the previous appointment the nail enhancement moves with the natural nail as it grows creating this gap the goal is to rebalance the nail and fill in a gap where the enhancement has grown away from the cuticle every client is individual and the grow out will be different for everyone so she usually comes in about every four to five weeks personal but we wanted to do this this weekend boyfriend's out of town so we got some time so this is about a three week growth and I'm gonna walk you through what I would do with the client this is like Anna client appointment this is exactly what we do with a lot of chatting exactly this is the design we did last up we have a gel polish on here with a little stamp and when you left last I believe that was white yes and now it is tinted blue but so is your hair yes so I assume they go together everything gets stained unfortunate okay so we're gonna file this all off and I'm gonna wear a mask I always wear a mask because of the dust particles I don't want it to be you know breathing in my lungs all the time now this bit I'm gonna start with is very chunky see that pretty good grit on there I call them teeth and this is probably a medium to a coarse and that is gonna cut into the gel polish and take it off you do not want to use this on the natural nail plate never never never I've got my trusty drill and I am going to start removing just make sure you when you're taking off its gel polish you are not touching the natural nail bed with this particular bit now the goal here is just to take off this color I'm going to turn up a bit more now you can do this by soaking it off - but I have acrylic under there so I really don't want to soak the acrylic but I do want to get this gel off filing it to me is just as quick actually I think it's Music so I will do this procedure for every single finger and it only takes five to ten minutes Music did you like this design or did you get sick of it after a while I liked it now you can see even her cuticle area is a little bit blue because something just got stained in there but we can buff that off with the next bit right now my goal with this is just get you off the gel polish now generally when a client comes into I always asked him if they want them shorter or a different shape Laura did you want them shorter today I like the length yeah Laura hugely goes for a longer length over the years we've done different links on you but this looks really good on you I love this length and you usually go for coffin - yes now if I see a lot of breakage and stuff if I see some stress cracks and stuff I might recommend that they come a week sooner if it's a longer out or if they want to go a little bit shorter because those stress cracks are indication that there's they're being stressed with whatever you're doing in a day and if the nails are long there's a lot of telltale signs you can tell that things links or shape is not working for the client and sometimes no matter how much advice you have to give them they still want what they want which is fine okay I'm gonna turn this off I'm gonna change my bit now to this one this is a mandrel see the silver post this on here is a arbor band this one in particular is a medium or a fine I feel like this one's a medium I would not use anything more than a medium if you're going to use a drill on the natural nail plate it has everything to do with the bit that you're using this arbor band is a medium we want to use a fine or a medium or you can use a hand file if you're using a drill it's very important that your pressure or the speed of the drill is very very low and that the drill bit this one in this case is new if it's really old and tired you're kind of like grinding around the cuticle and it can burn on a client so you want a new piece to put on there for every client for sanitary reasons and also because it's fresh and it won't kind of rub just like make it painful and burn that's what you don't want so it's really on how you use it yes you can use a drill you just have to use it properly I'm gonna show you that now so you want it on a low speed this would be a high-speed you want another nice low speed I'm gonna put my mask back on every time I'm filing I do wear a mask okay so her cuticles are actually quite push do you push them back on a regular basis you do do oh wow Wow.

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