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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Includes

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Includes

Hi, I'm Susie. Today, I've got a special guest, Laura. We're gonna do a fill from beginning to end. Let's get started. So, my friend Laura here, I've known for a very long time, since she was a little baby. She has beautiful hands and she loves nails. So, ever since you were a teen, I guess, although I polished your nails when you were a little kid too, this is true. We were gonna do a fill on her from the very beginning, step by step. A nail fill is restructuring the nails from the previous appointment. The nail enhancement moves with the natural nail as it grows, creating this gap. The goal is to rebalance the nail and fill in a gap where the enhancement has grown away from the cuticle. Every client is individual and the grow out will be different for everyone, so she usually comes in about every four to five weeks, personally. But we wanted to do this this weekend, boyfriend's out of town, so we got some time. So, this is about a three-week growth and I'm gonna walk you through what I would do with the client. This is like an actual client appointment. This is exactly what we do, with a lot of chatting, exactly. This is the design we did last up. We have a gel polish on here with a little stamp. And when you left last, I believe that was white, yes, and now it is tinted blue. But so is your hair, yes, so I assume they go together. Everything gets stained, unfortunately. Okay, so we're gonna file this all off and I'm gonna wear a mask. I always wear a mask because of the dust particles. I don't want to be, you know, breathing them into my lungs...