Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Licensed

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Licensed

Filling out your learner promise or driving license application form anyone applying for a learner permit or driving license will need to submit the appropriate application form choose either an application form for a full license or an application form for a learner permit these forms are available to download from an TLS ie you can also pick up an application form from an e an TLS center driving test center driver a theory test center or guard the station part one of the form relates to your personal details your PPS number is required here this can be found on your payslip social welfare documents or correspondence from a government agency please remember to bring one of these documents with you to the NDS Center as proof of your PPS number part 2 of the form refers to your license details here is where you select the type of application and category required for example a learner permit for a motorcycle if you're applying for a replacement of a last stolen or damaged license you will need to have question 15 of the application form signed and stamped at your local guard the station if you're unsure what category of vehicles to apply for ndls daata eak has a full list of license categories and groups of vehicles where you can see what category you are qualified to apply for these are also available on the accompanying guidance notes full application form place an X in the box if you wish to become an organ donor in the next section of the form your medical fitness to drive will be questioned if you answer yes to any of these questions on health you will need to submit a medical report with your application an eye sight report is required for all first time learner permit applications ensure your optician or doctor has correctly filled in and find the eyesight or medical form for more information on your medical fitness to drive see the RSA document slaughter August garage in the final section of the application form you will need to sign and date the form under the declaration heading it is very important that you fill in each section fully or this will cause delays and processing your license once you've filled in your form in full you should take the time to gather all of the appropriate supporting documentation for your application some of the most common mistakes we see are incorrectly filled or on signed forms for further information see MDL SAE.