Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Multiply

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Multiply

Hi there my friends where are you going hello amber we are going to the market to buy shoes for all of us but why are you dragging such a huge basket with you we have a problem amber we never know how many shoes we will need somehow we always end up short by one or two shoes so this time we decided to buy a basket full of shoes oh so that is the reason why you have such a huge basket the problem is you can't count the exact number of shoes that you want to buy come with me I know someone who can help you with this it's my friend fairy she is very clever I'm sure she can solve your problem that would be great amber we do not wish to drag this huge thing all the way to the market and it is still such a long way okay then let's go so ferry I guess you have understood Annie's problem can you help them please oh sure amber we have to find the total number of shoes that the ants need it's a simple calculation I will explain can you see the pink flowers over there friends there are three flowers here each flower has seven petals now we will find the total number of petals using multiplication one flower has seven petals now let's find out how many petals three flowers have so when we add seven thrice that is seven plus seven plus seven we get 21 which is the total number of petals and this is same as three times 7 or three multiplied by seven and in the same way we can find the total number of shoes that you girls need to buy but how can you find the total number of shoes using flowers not using flowers any but by using the concept of multiplication as repeated addition and he tell me how many legs do you have I have six legs now let's find the total number of legs for all you guys we know that one and has six legs so five and we'll have 6 plus 6 plus 6 plus 6 plus 6 legs which is equal to 30 legs Oh 5 times 6 which is equal to 30 legs all five x six equal to thirty legs am i right very absolutely right amber that was very good so Annie since the total number of feet that are going to wear the shoes is thirty you have to buy only thirty shoes of course now we won't need to carry a huge basket to the market sisters Thank You amber and ferry for your help we must hurry before all the shoes at the market get over bye hi happy Shappy shopping now we will find the total number of flowers that are there using multiplication you you ah you you you you you you that's my new pair of shoes they are from Annie for solving her problem just follow the steps given below and I am sure all you guys out there can solve any problem as well multiplication is repeated addition you can multiply two numbers oh you can add the second number that many times as the first number to get the same answer this is multiplication as repeated addition.