Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Overpayment

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Overpayment

So I was just informed by Social Security that they say I got an overpayment um when I stopped collecting disability benefits and supposedly over $22,000 but I I can't pay I really I can't pay anything I really I've got children I've got I'm just making it and I I don't know what to do yeah so one thing you can do is you can apply for a waiver of the overpayment and there are two conditions that you have to be able to meet in order for Social Security to waive the overpayment that it is to remove the overpayment to forgive the debt the first condition is that Social Security made a mistake a good example of that would be let's say you did go to work you were faithfully reporting to Social Security that you were working and for whatever reason they didn't adjust your check they kept sending you the same amount even though you told them hey you know this is the level of multi-national unlike that stable one so a they made a mistake B the second position is that you can't afford to pay you'll see like this is the form you use to apply for a waiver of overpayment and part of this form is that you make a budget so what is the name of this form this is a request for a waiver I believe all that has for waiver of overpayment recovery and it is form ssa - 6 3 - so again you can get this online and type in the search field you can type in the search field request for waiver of overpayment or else you can type in the search field ssa - 6 3 - I bring this form up will save you a trip to Social Security office so anyway part as part of this form part of the form is going to ask you to detail your budget your expenses and your income and that's your opportunity to show hey here are my expenses you can see that my expenses are equal to or greater than my income so I cannot afford to put any money by to pay this overpayment so two conditions again for for them agreeing to a waiver a is that they made a mistake Social Security made a mistake and you know which is why how the overpayment came about and B is that I can't afford to pay it and here's why you're going to have to detail your expenses and your income great and is there anything specific that I need to bring documentation with me um when I go yeah that's that's a good question so they will ask you to submit receipt okay yeah just to show hey look this is how much I pay in rent so you could send a canceled rent check or an old rent check um like that you know maybe a copy of your PG&E bill and that kind of thing okay so those things will help.

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