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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Pdf

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Pdf

Hello this is Randy with Excel for freelancers and today is training we're going to be taking information from a table and automatically filling in multiple PDF forms with a click of a single button so please join us for this amazing training all righty let's get started so we're starting off with the table in this table we have a total of 10 names and this table basically contains basic information for our contacts in this case we're going to call them patients here's a reason why you might want to have this type of macro running let's say you work in a medical office and your boss asks you to complete patient intake forms for each and every patient coming in he asks you right out there their last name first name the address city state zip and email well now you could write each one of these out individually however if you have a list of names we can actually have Excel automate that through VBA to automate filling out that PDF and we do have a PDF form available so that we're going to be using that and we have it here right in here and now what we can do is that what we're going to do is we're going to automate filling in the information of using this PDF form using the last name first name address to the state and the fields and then what we're going to do is we're going to have it save that in a folder and now we can also have them print it out but in this case we're going to save it individual each one with their own individual and distinct name so let's get started first what we're going to do is we're going to add some buttons up here and you'll see I've pre-populated the table with data and we also have a PDF template and what we want to do is we want to know what template we're going to start out with what is the PDF template that we're going to use and so this gives users the ability to change the template should so we'll go ahead and enter some buttons here and we'll go to what we want to do is we want to locate that okay so we'll go ahead and enter a browse selected and that's going to help us locate where the PDF form is and I've already written the macaron that in just a very quick math row so I'll go ahead and show that to you and first we'll go ahead and format the button to see how we like it and let's go ahead and give this blue color and so basically in excel vba and we can do it alt f11 to get to it or you can use once again the file options and go to customize ribbon if you don't have the Developer tab you want to add it and if you do have it simply click on developer and then visual basic or alt f11 okay and here what I've got two macros that we have and basically one is a PDF template this is going to allow us to browse for a specific file and the other is going to allow us to browse through a specific folder so they're very simple macros that have written that allow us to do that since this is not really part of what I want to teach I've gone ahead and included these macros here so even have to worry about that okay so the idea is that we want to browse for that PDF template so let's go ahead and assign one of those macros so we'll go ahead and and add in that macro and it's the PDF template here okay and we'll click OK on that and then now we'll go ahead and copy that button we want to also add in a PDF saved folders here so we'll go ahead and define this called it saved saved PDF okay because we want a folder to contain all of the PDFs once they get completed formatted alright now that we created the button I'll go ahead and we'll go ahead and move it up up here and so you can see the options so when we right-click it we can define the macro and we're going to assign the macro that we fit a PDF template okay and then back down here we'll just go ahead and duplicate that button control D and that'll duplicate it and we're going to use now for our second one and this is where our saved PDFs are going to go into okay this is the folder in which our safe PDFs are going to go so we want to assign a specific folder for that okay so let's go ahead and right-click that and that you can see going to pull it up you can see we're going to site a macro to that and that's the saved PDF folder those are those two macros that I've created already for you and we'll go ahead and bring that back down and now when we click on for the PDF template it's going to basically ask us what we want to create and so we want to search for that PDF template and I've created one here in the patient intake form so we'll go ahead and add that in and then we want to have the folder in which we are going to have those saved PDFs and we can put it here so I've created two folders and so all the safe PDFs are going to go into this folder and the template in which we're going to use is this alright so that covers us with you and now we have to add one more button and that's going to be for our automation and that's when we want.

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