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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Percentage

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Percentage

Music from last day of through user Riley from Fiji PA to the face or the photograph you have to upload everything have to be taken care of in wife in the cat form so in this video we'll talk about the 10 things you need to take care of wife in the cat form fine so these are the cats I will look like go to I am cat dot AC dot in the link given here on the top is where you have to fill the form so obvious line is with a start date and Toni except on the last day this is the cat form every year they extended by a week but don't think about that they do ASAP there's no more important and you can download that mid card on October 18 and 26 is your example it so that's what is given to you so you have to go to here to registration for the new user where you have to go and register take it so I'll be filling this I already fill this form I have fill this form for the 7th time yeah this will be my seventh cat that took ticket so now let's look at or how did it so this is very important now the first thing to take care of is the browser you are going to use so you have to use Internet Explorer version 10 or 11 mozilla 48 to 54 and chrome 50 to 59 this is very very important to use the same browser they are requesting because you have uploaded the photo and everything and there's a possibility your photo will not come so in the end you have to take a printout of your form and there's a slight possibility that your photo will not appear in that form there all the fine will not appear because you're not using the right power which they have told you to do so first thing first check the browser you're using it should the same browser which they've requested ticket number 1 number 2 things is your name date of birth email address dobar puja country Ghanim and then bovine numbered over butcher so what they wanna do once you submit your mobile number and data but they'll sending you two things user ID and password user ID will be sent to your email ID and password is into mobile so first thing first save both of them you copy karo password copy kurodo nope now call email carlo you can take a photo as well but you normally we end up losing the footer of the long run because you're going to login till march okay is kelly a key bar up or print out like a photo a carraclough so that are exactly commas i what i do i want to submit the OTP number and everything wants to do the confirmation you will get this page fine now this is a first detail can you query form I tell you look at it there is nothing in there you have to go on the top go to the application form new application from this the male link you have to click I don't know why they put it up he they they should have put it here but yep that's fine so go to application form you will see the food allocation form fine so in your application form you have to start be their academic record 1012 SSC is your tenth HSC is your 12th and your bachelor degree in Bachelor degree if you aren't finally you have to put file fine so here wanted to take care of your fame finally here because I mean finally er I don't know have my complete market so what aggregate mark support so you have to put in the marks off till date results you have got so all the marshals you have got till date for example I've just got same once m2 m3 Kurds LT so Sam won 500 500 500 150 15 hundred marks total marks out of that I've scored 1312 hundred nine hundred whatever massive scored is what is a percentage you have to put so total marks you have scored divided by the total exam car size is what you have to enter here in this category in this be a place to get degree discipline all this thing you can put later on finds and if you completed a degree I've done my engineering so all the four years March its eight same 12 same that Thai semester by semester and well whichever semester you had head up all the exams all the marks and how much you're scored out of the total some day for example I've given eight exams it seems it into five hundred four thousand the total man was Mary get my at high so teen teenager bethey so Joey I got that marks you to put here together fine now come the main thing we have to upload your photo now that's the main concern your photo should be a passport size not more than six months old it have to have a white or the off by divided background so if you have a photo handy you can take a photo of that photo but some day my print is not that great so what you can do you can just take a simple selfie against your wall you can cause a plain wall hygge not very dark color wall light color wall its finds more than sufficient take a photo and you can upload the same photo and same goes was fine as well type you write your sign take a sign on a blank piece of paper take a photo and upload now you wanted to upload because size is the paint problem here because maximum size allowed is 80k be take a bath.

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