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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Posts

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Posts

Here's another one of those videos that you get the compliments of receiving through my trial and error have if you've ever removed an existing fence post or over dug a hole to pour the concrete in for a fence post then this video just might be helpful for you and I've actually poured used at least eight six eight sixty pound bags of concrete mix on some of these footings before I actually figured this out so throw a little bit of gravel a little bit of gravel down in the ground maybe two inches this isn't necessary I'm I'm actually experimenting trying to figure out maybe if one one system for the fence post installation might work better who knows I won't - I might not know for a few years but actually have a few tests going around my property to see what just might see if I can actually create something that would benefit others here's your secret cardboard it doesn't get any simpler than this you can do something like this you can grab some tape and create a cylinder or a cube something that you can just slide over the fence post now here's what you need to do and again this is all through trial and error I've actually have had problems just put a little bit of soil in you know let's say that you're going to start with about six inches of concrete put about six inches of soil in or even five inches or seven or eight inches just don't get carried away and here you can see the post sitting on top of the gravel and I filled up a little bit of concrete already you can see by the mess here it had a little more soil to reinforce it and just work up the hole in layers you don't need to fill the whole thing up and inhabit collapse it's not uncommon and again I've done this before you add you add a little more soil and the cardboard collapses and that's not what you want so work with a little bit at a time and you can always leave the cardboard in this isn't going to be a problem I've actually done it before where I pulled the con the form up as I as I've worked with the concrete so each level I would just pull it up a little bit and then just pulled the card cut the form out when I was done but you can see at the end of the video that I wouldn't be able to do it in this situation if the concrete if the cardboard starts to your form starts to pull away from a surface simply slide some more cardboard in there to create another or to create a spot to stop the concrete from losing out that's going to be a problem every once in a while the concrete I mean the cardboard forms can move is cardboard this isn't something really strong small gaps might not be a problem depending on how wet your concrete is you can just simply put another piece of cardboard in or keep filling it up and add some dirt to the outside to keep it from leaking out and you could always use some scraps around to reinforce everything you could always drive some stakes into the ground and to keep the form from moving but you can kind of see that the form looks like it's already pushing out it's not over here like it was and I would imagine that's why I added these pieces in here so you might need to put a little more dirt in there or you might even need to drive some stakes in there and again the main goal here is not to use a lot of concrete too for your fence post and you know if you go in and use a lot of concrete for your fence post and then the fence post breaks later or rots and you've got to remove that concrete this is also what I'm trying to avoid keep just used what you need don't don't get a little carried away otherwise you know because I have been in some situations where I can't you can't remove the post and just slide another post in there you've got to remove the footing and it could it can turn out to be a nightmare if this concrete footing is huge here's what it looks like as I'm still going up and again I'm not going to add a lot more soil here I'm just going to fill this up slowly and see if these forms will take it and and it actually did what's that over here Oh evidence that I consumed alcohol right there so here it is this is what it looks like when it's done and you can just tear the contour the cardboard away from it here which I'm going to fill this up just going to the soil needs to raise up anyway but another thing I'd like to say is let's say you're pouring your cut your cardboard form and you need to go a little higher you made a mistake you didn't figure it right or it moved just simply add another layer of a cardboard around it create another form and then continue pouring that's it for this video don't forget to hit the old thumbs up button if you like it and if you don't hey don't hit that thumbs thumbs down button.

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