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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Prompt

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Prompt

When you want to prompt the user in a mail merge in Word for a value to insert a value that is not in your database there are basically two options the ask field and filling we are going to explain them today and show you how they are used we will start with the filling field which is easier and then we'll do the a script okay we have a template here with some fields to add we have filled it in these are the fields we can see the fields over here and they want us to add over here a field for the user to be prompted for a value which will then be inserted there we will do both fields here so I am going to duplicate this line and do the fill in here and ask you as you can see them okay so we will start with a feeling for that we go to rules billing very easy just insert the problem and then if you want a default filling text you can fit it in here and ask once you should check it in so that it doesn't ask you for every letter for a value do you want a different body in every letter than you you won't have to check this in but normally you want the same value for hope of better support for that time being so you just say okay and you will get word we'll show you an example of how the field will be you can fill in if you want or not as I'll just project that we can say okay so basically if we highlight field here we've all get that one there but if we press alt f9 Music if we press on at 9:00 in the document you see that we have a feeling insert value over here the old option is for the user to be prompted and that's what the user will be asked for okay I will close this down again with another alt f9 and then we're going to use the second line to add the ask body the ask value consists of two steps first I will add the asked field this bookmark you will see is where they you want the value to be added because the a spider you can it can be added on any of any place where you posit that so I'll just give it a name again ask one insert field - okay and know that all the book web text this works the same as the other field okay again it will show you an example I'll close it down because I don't want to show it and I'm again I won't see it here even if I highlight the merge fields so what I want to do is basically what I do with right click toggle calls but to do it on all the values of the document you dress alt f9 again and then you will see once we do it that you have an ask field there however this is not enough and we ask value we have to put the bookmark in this case I will I want it here so for that we have to add a field in a bookmark we should be able to do with the many but I can't I'd never works so you have to do it with a trick which is press the ctrl + f9 keys and this will add this bracket you cannot add those baggage with the keys you have to use control that night and you have to put the same the same value that we put the same thing that we off bookmark that we said on the field so check type of check type of check okay all that nine again then again we also you anything here we highlight the merge fields up because it's not a moisture from from our database but it will press alt f9 we can't get the first value and the second value with the bookmark the bookmark come here and many place of document and it will fit in with the value that the user in sense okay so now we're going to test it I'm going to say first we will finish the Buried merged into token um's all and we didn't do it on PDF so that we can test that feel value one p-value to test to and this is going to set the stage on my best ok as you see we got a mirror and one of fives we're going to see why we're just by his body too okay so that's how we that's Music how we add fields were the cost were the clay and for the user is asked for value which sponsor for value may be the easier one is failing but this way you know how to useful.

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