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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Pros

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Pros

K-3 spouse visa pro's and con's US Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS and the Department of State estimated each year four hundred and fifty thousand US citizens marry foreign nationals they also believe that a large percentage of these marriages are entered into solely preparation purposes a great deal of effort is undertaken by the various US agents of government agencies involved in the immigration process to scrutinize each international visa application everything must be in order or you risk your petition or application being rejected even for minor procedural errors this level of scrutiny while making sure that only legitimate legitimate petitions are approved has slowed down the visa process the k3 visa some kind sometimes call the marriage visa or spousal visa was adopted by US Congress and went into effect in August 2022 it was designed to sidestep the long delays USCIS processing for a median relative petitions for bringing a foreign national spouse of a US citizen into the u.s. at the time it was adopted it was taking two years or more to process an i-130 visa for the spouse of a US citizen the new k3 visa regulations were designed with a view to shorten the processing time for bringing in k3 spouse to the u.s. from years to months a goal that has for the most part been achieved the k3 spouse visa came for dependent visa and overview the k3 spouse spousal visa the k3 visa category is a the category that allows the spouse of US citizens to enter the US and wait for the availability of an immigrant visa the catering visa is actually an non-immigrant visa and the recipient of a kaiser visa does not mean or the receipt of a k3 visa does not mean that the foreign national spouse of the u.s. is will become a legal permanent resident immediately immediately upon their arrival in the US however the k3 visa does allow the foreign national spouse to travel to the u.s. live there with her u.s. or his US citizen spouse while they are waiting for the immediate relative immigrant petition processing to be completed upon entry is a non American immigrant k3 the foreign national spouse may file to adjust status to a lawful permanent resident it is no more than that the application for k3 visa by the foreign national spouse who is married to a US must be filed and the reason must be issued by a US Consul in the country with a marriage took place the amount of paperwork involved in filing for a k3 visa is almost double the amount required for a fiancee visa Kate Kate for visas the unmarried children of a foreign national spouse the unmarried child are children of a foreign national spouse who are under the age of 21 can be included in their parents petition and will receive a cave or visa that will allow them to travel to the US with the parent no separate petition is required for them however if the child was 18 years of age or older at the time the marriage of their parent to the petitioning u.s. citizen spouse took place then although the child can receive a K for reason an interview of the u.s. that child cannot obtain a green card through the US citizen stepparent the K for visa for that child will simply expire every two years or when that child reaches the age of 21 whichever occurs first to qualify for the KFOR visa the applicant must be under 21 years of age of a person who qualifies as a k3 visa children of foreign national spouse of a US citizen who are married or are over the age of 21 cannot receive a kforce visa let's take a quick look at case one a naturalized citizen of the u.s. got married in his hometown in Mexico last week upon returning to the US he started the immigrant visa process to bring his new wife to the u.s. one having gone through the immigration process himself contacted an immigration attorney before going to Mexico to get marry he found out that he will have to file a petition for alien relative for his wife once he gets married he also found out that it can take several months for the USCIS to approve the petition and for his wife to get her an immigrant visa to travel to the US but the attorney told him that there still although the K 3 visa but the attorney told him that there is still hope through the K 3 visa he said that with a k3 visa his spouse could come to the US wait for the visa process to be completed based on this advice one took several forms with him that his wife would have to complete and son that way he was able to see save additional time and not have to spend send the forms back and forth in the future with all the completed forms and having obtained the copies of civil documents his birth certificates his wife birth certificate and their marriage certificate that he needed through the petition process one was now ready to file the petitions and bring his wife to the u.s. to live with him let's look at qualifications for the k3 spouse visa to qualify for k3 non-immigrant visa you must show that one you are married to a u.s. citizen who is filed in relative petition form i-130 on your behalf - you must be seeking to enter into the u.s. to await the availability of an immigrant visa and three the relative petition filed burier u.s. citizen spouse must still be pending who cannot use the cage rthe k3 visa can only be obtained by a foreign national spouse of a US citizen the wife of a permanent resident can not receive the k3 visa if the marriage took.

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