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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Refunds

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Refunds

Please welcome general manager business applications Brenda Bown thank you we're so excited to be here and talk to you about how we empower customers to innovate with business applications and I hope that some of you were this morning at the keynote where we talked a little bit about it however we will go deeper in this session and the great innovation that is coming with Dynamics 365 but first let's talk about innovation innovation takes many forms today and when technology is used to create new forms of reality is digital innovation digital innovation it's a very intentional strategy that is used by organizations to transform and it requires creativity in growth mindset but it also requires technology that is flexible and integrated our technology helps organisations digitally transform in four key areas with your customers your products your operations and your employees it starts with the Microsoft cloud and Microsoft Azure as a most trusted and scalable platform that our customers can grow without limits and then with Microsoft 365 we deliver the world's leading productivity suite that enhances collaboration and creativity then with Dynamics 365 we deliver a full set of intelligent business applications that are integrated and extensible and enable your organization to digitally transform and this is a pretty powerful set of technology that it's available for our customers and we're seeing the results across many industries across financial services healthcare manufacturing in retail these are just some of the customers that are using the powerful Microsoft technology to create competitive advantage and drive business results and one of those customers is 24-hour Fitness how 24-hour Fitness differentiates in the marketplace is because of its personalized approach to member services ELISA talked a little bit about it earlier this morning but what 24-hour Fitness wanted to do was to reimagine the way that they were engaging with our members about their individual fitness goals to do that they use Dynamics 365 customer service with sales and they connected marketing and sales data to really give members visibility into their individual fitness goals as well as how they could achieve them let's take a look weed care about our guests that come into the club we want them to be successful in their fitness journey we have over 400 clubs nearly 4 million members or in 16 states our goal is to try to build a dynamic experience for each one of our guests potential members and our member base you evolve or you you shatter so you have to keep up with the times you have to keep up with what's relevant to people and the only way that you come relevant in their lives is to be current you keep up with the technology when a potential customer comes into our club we enter them into our digital guest registry they're entering all their information so we can understand and have a sincere conversation with them about their personal goals whether they're coming in for a life-changing event whether they're interested in group x classes strength training whatever it may be that's really personalized content all about them then that data goes into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and then we know everything we need to know about that in their personal interests and we're able to build out adobe audience profile customer profile on them anytime you can have our personal dialog and a relationship from the data we know with the technology that we have in hand with Microsoft and Adobe that only enhances our messaging and our connection with the customer even more I mean that's how you gain that trust that's how you gain a long-term commitment out of a potential member the relationship we have with Microsoft and Adobe is completely I think unique role in this together to try to build a relationship with our customers and helping improving their lives because we want them to see successful we want them to be healthier and their fitness journey it is great to see the results that 24-hour fitness is achieving with Dynamics 365 another another one of our customers that is seeing tremendous business results is Cohn Reznick Cohn Reznick is one of the largest public accounting firms in the United States based out of New York City they fundamentally wanted to improve their client services by increasing collaboration and productivity so they use Dynamics 365 as a platform to create their Cohn Reznick client experience platform and to tell us a little bit more about that I would like to welcome Dean Nelson national Managing Partner of Technology and digital service their services at Cohn Reznick welcome Dean nice meeting you thank you for coming to our land and joining us glad to be here so Dean can you talk a little bit more about Cohn Reznick in your digital transformation vision yeah be happy to so the history of our firm is we were combined through a lot of local and regional acquisitions and in the biggest happen about five six years ago and realized that because those acquisitions were taking took place and we didn't really take a step back to figure out how to have the right integration strategy it was really hindering our growth so the partnership looked to my team to come up with a new strategy for the overall firm and being a technologist we wanted to see how we could start to drive digital transformation as part of the overall strategy development so we did our traditional software evaluation process after the strategy was developed and it came down to Salesforce and Dynamics 365 and frankly it was it was pretty easy decision for us that's great to hear we're certainly glad about that can you elaborate a little bit more about how technology has helped you achieve this Microsoft technology yeah no problem so prior to Dynamics 365 we did not have an integrated platform of any nature we.

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