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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Reply

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Reply

Hi there Jamie Keith here today at Teachers Tech over everyone's having a great day what I wanted to do today in this quick video is do one on Google Forms just a couple features from questions that I got from people from my tutorial on the new Google Forms and they are how to get what is the get prefilled link and how to edit your responses so real quickly here I have just set up a kind of a dummy form here and I'm just going to show you the prefilled link first so when you go to the prefilled link rate up here you can see it's right here so I'm just gonna click on it here and you can see answer the questions you want pre filled prefilled then click Submit so what you do here is let's say if there's an assignment or maybe or maybe it's going out for a reservation or something and you need you know that this is what you want answered in this question so if you have the chance to fill that in so for example if I wanted this assignment name here I'll just type in example here example one spell that correctly here example one here and if that's the only one so let's say if I was giving out lots of assignments I don't have to do a brand-new form each time I could just change change that and then when I how it works is if I hit submit now it tells me you get this link so what I do this link I can send out this link and then if I go over to this one I'll just paste it in here real quick and you can see under assignment name it's already filled out it didn't change this one is still the same but this is the new link of the prefilled link so if there was a bunch of things that you knew you didn't want to create a new forum you could fill it out just the way you wanted it to be filled out and then send that link the other thing is I'm just gonna close this one down here the other one was edit your response so when you have the chat you can give the person a chance to edit the response but just make sure you go up to the little gear right here and you can see there's edit your response when you click this on you hit save and I'm just going to go quickly to preview here to show it what it works like so I'll just put in a couple bit of information let's say I'll just start it and I hit submit so as long as it wasn't required to to have it in so to finish it and you can see now you get this edit response and so what happens now it will give the person a chance to edit the response if they copy this link rate here they can always go back to and edit the response so I'll just show you an example here I'll just paste it over here you can see that my name is there ready so they can go back and and and tore the information or completed or add to it so you have to give them that ability but remember this link ready to up here is the blank form right here but they do say to be careful because if anybody gets that link that you got they can enter the responses too so I hope you like these two little tips for the new Google Forms and the features to it if you did please give it a thumbs up share it with your friends I subscribe to my channel if you like these weekly tech tips and thank you very much for watching.

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