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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Substitute

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Substitute

Hi, I'm Susie. Here are some beautiful forms that I work with every time I do nails and I love them. But what happens when you run out? Let's get started. So, this actually happened to me once. Like I said, I have my favorite forms and I ran out completely, but I was in the middle of a client and I had to build a nail. So, I ran to get some paper, and this is just any paper, like construction paper. Now, I hope you remember what those forms look like because we're going to, from memory, make one. Now, I would like to show you a form to know what it looks like, but in reality, you won't have a form, so you better remember what the shape is like so you can do this. So, I would suggest starting with a square piece of paper. Then, fold it in half. I say fold it in half because you want the sides to match perfectly, and you could crease it. It's been a long time ago if you remember exactly how I did it, but I'm going to crease it and then I'm going to cut what I remember the shape to be. It's going to be something like this. Without getting too fancy, I'm sure that's too big. Let's just... And then, we want to go down the center. Actually, didn't have to cut that one. I'm going to do it like this, right about here, because we need to leave some room here for the length that we want to build. So, we're going to cut it. Don't do it too big, just in case your finger's not that big. You don't want it too big. I almost like custom designing this to your finger....