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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Substitute

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Substitute

Hi I'm Susie here are some beautiful forms that I work with every time I do nails and I love them but what happens when you run out let's get started so this actually happened to me once like I say I have my favorite forms and I ran out completely but I was in the middle of a client and I had to build a nail so I ran to get some paper and this is just any paper like a construction paper now I hope you remember what those forms look like because we're gonna from memory make one now I would like to show you a form to know what it looks like but in reality you won't have a form so you better remember what the shape is like so you can do this so I would suggest you here's the square piece of paper I would start with this then I would fold it in half now I say fold it in half because you want the sides match perfectly and you could crease it it's a long time ago if you remember exactly how I did it but I'm going to crease it and then I'm going to cut what I remember the shape to be so it's gonna be something like this without getting you know too fancy I'm sure that's too big let's just and then we want to go down the center Music actually didn't have to cut that one I'm gonna do it like this right about here because we need to leave some room here for the link that we want to build so we're gonna cut it don't do it too big just in case your fingers not that big you want it too big I almost like custom designing this to your finger okay let's just fit this on my finger and see how happy it is oh that's not bad at all okay now when I did this of course I was working with a client so it was easier for me right now I have one hand but if you're working on yourself and you run out you got to know what to do right okay that's gonna work I've got some tape and I'm going to put some tape across the center the reason I'm doing that I originally had some oil and I was gonna paint some oil on the paper to the product and stick to the paper but now that I see the tape maybe that'll work just great I'm gonna tape it right across the top now this is gonna be the tricky part for you you can see that it fit my thumb pretty good so what we need to do now is get this guy nice and smooth here then did a little bit here sort of up this line here so that now fold a little easier and I can tape it together on the underside because it's not sticky on this side our forms are sticky so it will stick to the finger right this is not going to be sticky so now we have to tape it so the trick is going to because this is one-handed I'm gonna have to do this with one hand I'm gonna get some tape ready okay so I'm going to put this in here right in the spot where it feels really good and maybe I should tape it across here so it doesn't move across the top okay so that's gonna hold it pretty good but I do want it to tape underside to create more of a narrowness Music okay this is what happens when your one-handed okay so I'm going to stick it on the one side and I'm gonna bring this together nicely and I'm gonna now should match up right because we cut it to be pretty symmetrical there we go we did it Music now I'm gonna check my angle I hope it's right because I want to take that all off check my angle this way it's perfect look at that so I didn't have to freak out and get mad at myself because I didn't have enough stock and I just made my own form out of paper okay so the next test is I'm gonna build a nail to prove that this guy works okay so I've got my liquid and I'm gonna work with this color I mean that kind of this minty green blue --mode right now and I'm gonna work with this beautiful color I actually haven't seen what this looks like but with a name frozen I got a pretty good idea and we're gonna clear the outfit it's clear you can use any product that you like anything that's in hand this happens to be exclusive nail couture and this color is frozen so let's see if we like it okay I got my trusty brush I like an oval-8 now you can use a square I use a square brush for many years but I've really come to love the oval eight I think the reason why I fell in love with the oval eight is because it's excellent for doing French we don't do French so much anymore but it still is versatile to do everything in case I do a French I have got my bow filleted okay so I'm going to give a little bit of liquid get my brush nice and wet and then I'm gonna release them on the edge in the side of this dish and I'm gonna pick up some frozen Music I think I'll do a fade on this you know I thought it was gonna be a little more turquoisey or minty now it's hard to see what kind of color it really is because it's got this construction paper underneath so it can alter the color if it's at all see-through but.

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