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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Summary

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Summary

Hi everybody i'm ryan horn so question keeps coming up people say Ryan I created a Google Form I have sent out the Google Form and gotten my audience to respond to it and I get these great summaries with graphs and charts and even some comments that you can scroll up and down to read and the person that created the forum is able to see these but when we try to share them with other people they either don't have access like this it says you need permission or if I try to print out the form it looks like this which is fine but as you get into these scrolling text boxes or scrolling windows they're Stucky you can't see all the responses it gets cut off so question is how do you share this with others so that they can see what you see well let's take a look at how to do that so step one step one is in your form itself you are going to first go to the settings up in the top right corner and when you click on the setting cog you need to get rid of a couple of checkboxes okay one of them requires sign in if it's restricting to users that your domain need to get rid of that that will make sure that if there's anyone that's outside your domain that you want to share your survey with will be able to see it and also you're going to need to get rid of this C summary charts and text responses and I know it doesn't make sense you would think that by sharing this with others you're going to want them to see the summary charts and text responses but trust me this is this is how it works so I've gotten rid of these two the other ones we can leave checked I'm going to press save so the next thing you're going to want to do is head on over to the responses the responses and when you head over to the responses you're going to get your screen that looks like this with all these nice charts and graphs but we have to do a couple more buttons before we can share these out with others next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to come to the more button up here in the top right but one that's by the send button this guy so I'm going to click on the more button here and I'm going to go to print no I'm not going to print out these results but the print menu is going to actually when we go to more in print it's actually going to open this up in a new tab so it opened this up in a new tab this is what I want to be able to share out with people this view you can't share it out yet it's another button you have to press this blue link right here publish analytics okay so I'm going to click publish analytics and another tab is going to open all respondents will be able to see the summary that's okay you're going to go ahead and press ok that would be if a respondent as soon as they finish the survey they get that message and it will ask them if they want to be able to look at the results they're not going to be able to go back and see the results if that makes sense so I'm going to press ok and what I'm going to do now is go back to the responses one more time and we're going to go back to the more button one more time go back to print one more time so you'll notice this time the same screen popped up again but it does not have that publish analytics link anymore okay so now how do I give this to others well I have this crazy long link up here and I'm going to copy this entire link and what you can do to select the entire link you can triple click and letter or number in the web address 1 2 3 I like the entire link right click we're going to select copy and then what you would do is you would compose a new mail message and paste that link into your email or however else you'd like to share that link out and when you share that out this is what your find excuse me this is what the person on the other end your email is going to be able to see and they will be able to scroll through these text boxes so it's a few clicks but I think it's well worth it to share these professional-looking summaries these look so much better than going through the spreadsheet view alright good luck you can see tips like these and more at my blog at Ryan's tech tips.

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