Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Taxpayer

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Taxpayer

Hello guys so today I'm going to show you how to fill up wate and fall so if you are not a resident of the United States but you earned some kind of monetary benefits from the United States you'll have to fill this form up so for example I live in India and I'm a writer and I received my royalties from the United States so if I don't fill this form up the unis will hold up to 30 percentage of my royalties for tax purposes and there are two types of form this form w8p in for is for the individuals like me as the writers or if you do any kind of freelance jobs for the residents of India residence or companies that's based in the United States then you will have to fill this form up alright and there is another form that is w8 w8 b e in E so this form is for businesses or the corporates so let's go to w8b in the individual form here let's start by typing the name this name should be the legal name that you use in the legal documents like your passport or your other card or any of the ideas that you use in India type in the country name and in the type of the beneficial owner I'm going to choose individuals I'm an individual and here below you need to enter the permanent address and this address should match with the legal document that you use as your ID proof that's your passport or other card or photo sign T so here type in your apartment number or street names these suit numbers that you live in the building name etcetera etcetera so I'm just going to type like randomly okay do not enter your post box number here right below you need to enter the ECT or town that you live in you state that the town belongs to and here you need to enter the six digit postal code or the zip code or the pin code I'm just giving some random numbers okay and in the country enter the country name and this mailing address you can leave it blank if the your current residing address is same as mine number four if you live away from your homes or for a job or something you can enter this pie number five always leave it blank now coming to six we don't have any US taxpayer identification number since we live in India so I'm going to enter the pan card number that I have because that's what I use then I leave point eight lag then 5.2 point nine you need to click add a check mark to point a the beneficial owner this point okay this beneficial owner is the best end of your country name India within the meaning of the income tax treaty between the United States and the country then leave the others plan come to point number chin here you have to fill up the article number it's just seven for us you can either enter the numeric seven or like the way I am writing now here the percentage you need to put zero and specific type of income since I'm a writer is priority is for me there are other types of in comes to like commissions interest and so much I will explain this a bit later let's fill up the form first now in the reasons - right no permanent establishment in the u.s.a ask the article 5 again you can use the numeric or likely roman numeric like i'm using now then leave part 3 of this form blank then come to a part for sure you need to include your signature so what i usually do is i have my signature scanned and stored on my computer for signing the documents like this i just insert the image and include my electronic signature here you can simply type your name or add your engines here instead of the signature as well and here in iterator the month first so it's october so 10th and today's date is 23rd and the year 2021 now capacity english acting so i'm signing this document for myself so i am writing it as individual capacity so that's all we are just done with this form now i'm going to show you the document that i used so this is the treaty details that the document that we have for india vs u.s. convention so if you see article 7 it is for business profits so that's where we mentioned the royalties and what type of income it is the article file mentions about the permanent establishment so that's what we mentioned so if you see this document i will give you the link in the description box so this document i down to lit from calm i think okay so if you see here these are the lists of incomes that's given so it's it could be interest rent royalty compensation or substitute payments anything so that spot you see here okay so you need to enter the exact income method that is matching for you so if you have any kind of doubts you can go to this website again I will post the links in the description box so if you go down states have treaties with so if you click any of these countries for example if you are not an Indian resident if you're from a different country and you want to know this article or which one are any to enter in the forum you can just simply press that particular country and a link with this that will lead to lead you to this page and click this income tax treaty so when you click this this will take you to a PDF document which contains the details of that treaty so it.

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