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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Ting

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Ting

Everyone welcome back so let's talk about hit dis today this is such a hot topic right now but only hope is this year look if this is extremely common you're not free everybody all everybody has one it is just part of our skeletal structure so there's no way you can avoid it as long as you're human you are going to have some subjective yeah so some people may have a more pronounced hip tip some not so much and some I've probably just filled up with that or muscles so it's been so you see on social media these days it can use Photoshop it can be surgically improved so I used to have a bit of hip dips and I was not really concerned about it it's just because I was quite skinny so I don't have much fat and muscles around my yes so kind of like a big pressure that's like dentists yeah so here this is extremely common so don't be upset if you have hit I also understand if this is something that you want to improve I get a lot of questions around hips recently so today I'm going to talk about a few tips to improve that and also ten exercises that you can do to fill up that area so yeah if you want a natural way keep on watching so I just want to show you a few diagrams of our hip and thigh bone area and also where the muscles it this is going to help eat understand your body better and hopefully help you to engaging muscles better at the gym so here's our hips inside area basically looking at this hip then would naturally occur if you are a human being but how did the dance is depends on how high your pelvis it and also how white you hip is which is your ilium if your ilium is quite high and white related to where your by one start which is your femur then there is a higher chance of having a bigger dick but if you get the small then chances is you will have a very old it online if your substantial fat and muscle around the area and the muscles located around the hip this area our tensor fasciae latae so TfL for short brutus medius and gluteus minimus so working these muscles may help you to improve your hips but never neglect working the gluteus maximus because that gives you the fullness look on your bone now let's talk about a few tips that can help you with the appearance of hip dips before we get into the ten exercises so the first reason why it is bothering is probably because of your mouth handle so a lot of handle is basically the fact that is sitting on top of your hip so having lots of fat on top of your hips gives you the impression that you have a disc so there are several ways you can lose your love handle you can do a card yo you can do weight lifting high intensity interval training but there's no way to spot reduce love-handle because it is so much genetic where your fat stores so I personally don't saw a lot of fat on my like my axe the Middle Earth area but I do have quite a bit on my love handle but that is okay so the federal reason that your hip did is more pronounced is because you have quite a bit of fiber and then something I noticed at the end of my fault because I've gained a lot fat on my thighs because that's just my body type I gain most of my weight on my size and my butt in the pandal and yeah so the fat on the upper other side it's going to give you an impression that you have picked it so you can try to lose the side fat by doing some cakecutter yard weight lifting cetera so the third reason is probably more uncommon and this look is probably what the Fitness girls and guys are looking for so basically just what a lot bigger than you which give them the impression that they have hit this so this girls and guys are actually looking for that look so anyway to get to where there are is extremely difficult you got a list pretty heavy weights in calorie surplus and being consistent as a gym so yeah if you are worried about getting really quite dominant then can try to do more hamstring focus exercises and fit so at some other three reasons and tips that you can't improve the appearance of your heritage and next I'm going to show you the ten exercises that you can do at home or oxygen let's do this so in case you're wondering I'm wearing gym shot sweats legging and Jim sharp seamless hop and there are my favorite items right now so if you want to check it out link is in my description box the first exercise is lateral band walk this exercise targets the tensor fasciae latae so TfL in short and also your gluteus medius so position the band right above your knee I find that activates the glute medius and TfL best so hinge at the hips knees slightly bent and keep your back neutral stay in this position and take a lateral step if you lower your hips down even more almost into a squat then you'll feel a lot more on your quads so I prefer to not lower down my hips so much just lightly hinge on the hips and bend the knees the second exercise is some sort of awkward band walk I don't even know what this is called basically take one step backward pointing your knees and feet outwards and this really really burns the damn glutes this really.

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