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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Toggle

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Toggle

Welcome to another free Microsoft Access video tutorial brought to you by accesslearningzone.com. My name is Richard Ross. In today's lesson, I'm going to teach you how to take the toggle buttons that Microsoft Access creates and add some color to them. Okay, here's a really simple form that I put together. I've got a customer ID auto number, a customer's nickname, Rick textfield, and I've got five checkes over here representing which mailing lists this customer is on. This is for a fictitious PC resale company that does computer sales and service. There's a hardware, software, service training, and web design mailing list that they can be on. Now, these checkes are kind of bland, so I'm going to change them over to toggle buttons. I'm going to go to design view. Now, if you want to build them from scratch, you can find toggle buttons up here in the tool right over there. That's a toggle button. But when you bring fields into a form in normal form design, they come in as checkes. These are yes/no fields. All you have to do is right click, come down to change to, and then pick toggle button. That changes that check over into a toggle button, and you can just resize it however big you want it to be, like that. Now, the labels over here, I'm going to delete them and put "web design" in here as a caption. "Web design" now I'll do the same thing for these other checkes. Unfortunately, you can't do them all at once. So, right click, change to toggle button, resize it, put "training" on it as a caption, and then delete the label. I'll do the same thing for the other three checkes, and there we go. All finished. Now, I'm going to save this....