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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Toggle

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Toggle

Welcome to another free microsoft access video tutorial brought to you by access learning zone.com my name is Richard Ross in today's lesson I'm going to teach you how to take those toggle buttons that Microsoft Access creates and add some color to them okay here's a real simple form that I put together I've got a customer ID auto number a customer's nickname Rick textfield and I've got five check boxes over here representing which mailing lists this customer is on this is for a fictitious PC resale company that does computer sales and service there's a hardware software service training and web design mailing list that can be on now these check boxes are kind of bland so I'm going to change these over to toggle buttons I'm going to go design view now if you want to build them from scratch you can find toggle buttons up here in the toolbox right over there that's a toggle button but when you bring fields into a form in normal form design they come in as checkboxes these are yes/no fields all you have to do is right click come down to change to and then pick toggle button right there that changes that check box over into a toggle button and you can just resize it however big you want to be like that now the labels over here I'm going to delete it and in here click and put web design like that that's a caption okay web design now I'll do the same thing for these other checkboxes unfortunately you can't do them all at once say at the right click change to toggle button resize it put training on it as a caption and then delete the label and I'll do the same thing for the other three checkboxes and there we go all finished now I'm going to save this just saving it as form 1 that's fine and let's switch over to form view now you can see which ones are pushed on and which ones that pushed off but it's kind of hard to tell right they're kind of bland all right and is this the on one or is just the off one I really I really don't know so maybe we can use a color scheme like red or green right green for on red for off that might make a little more sense how do we do that well right click design view let's set all of these guys to a different color scheme so come up top here we'll go to format quick styles and let's pick this one here for red all right so now they're all defaulting to red and let's make sure the default value for these guys is all set to false all right so right click come down to properties and on the data tab make sure that default value in here is false and if you have a default value set in your table make sure that's as well so now at least on a new blank record they're all set to red but if I check one of them on I still can't really tell that much of a difference I mean it's slightly shaded all right so let's make it so the on color is green all right back to design view select all of them again right click go to properties on the format tab you're going to find hover color and pressed color now the pressed color is the color that you get when the button is pressed on so let's come over here I don't want accent to darker 20% that basically says accent 2 is the color that we selected for that toggle button I don't want that it's going to be darker 20% than normal so I'm going to come over here and click on this little dot dot dot button and I'll bring up the actual color palette now you can pick from the themes colors which may change if you change the theme of the form again or you could pick standard colors if you pick standard colors that puts an actual color code into the field there so no matter what happens if you change the theme if you change the formatting it always stays that color you can also change the hover color when the mouse hovers over it I like to sometimes do like a yellow there when you hover over it okay so oh and one more thing you can actually change the back color here - I've got quick style on there but if you want to come in here and change it to an actual set color like that that'll work - okay whatever you want to do or stick with the quick styles those are fine just remember if you change the quick style it'll change the whole form so let's see what I've got I'll save it and I'll flip back over to form view now let's go back to record one here oh look at that these guys are green oh and when I hover over you can see the yellow there right click click say alright that's a little more obvious as far as which ones are on and which ones are off so if you like using toggle buttons that's a great trick if you want to learn more about all the access form controls like toggle buttons option groups tab controls and lots more visit my website access learning zone comm and look for my access expert level for class you'll find a complete outline some sample videos and laps form and of course look in the link in the description below the video to find a direct link straight to this class and of course if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them below thanks for watching you.

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