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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Upload

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Upload

There are three ways to complete grant application forms within a workspace you can complete forms online within a web browser download PDFs of individual forms and fill them out offline or reuse forms from a previous workspace application to fill out a web form first click the forms web form link form will appear in your browser window you can jump to specific parts of the form by clicking on the sections menu to the left of the screen as you edit an online form your changes will be automatically saved every five minutes the data and attachments will be auto saved but the workspace will not be up to hit it until you click the Save button you should use the Save button often click the check for heirs button to receive a list of errors or missing data in the online form the list will specify the section and data field with an error click the close button when you're done completing the form and if you are with an organization decide whether you want the floor to be locked to other users to download the pdf version of a form click the forms download link if the form is unlocked a pop-up window will ask if you want to lock the form click the yes button as locking the form will prevent other participants in the workspace from updating the form while you're filling it out wait for a few seconds as the form PDF opens and the new window click the Save button under the form action section to save the form to your computer next begin filling out the form saving your progress as you go along when the form has been completely filled out click the Save button then click the check for errors button a pop-up window will list any field errors in the form the errors will also be outlined in red on the form finally fix any fields that require attention then click Save again you are now ready to upload the completed form to your workspace you can initiate this process by clicking the upload link note that if the form is locked by another participant the upload link will not be activated for you to reuse a form click the reuse link next in the reuse workspace form pop-up window you will see a message stating that the selected form will be overwritten once you select a form to reuse click yes to continue in the pop-up window search for the desired workspace form you can preview the desired form by clicking the preview link in the actions column to reuse a specific form click the Select link you will be taken back the forms tab of the manage workspace page and a message will read form successfully reuse you can also reuse forms by uploading a PDF form from a previous workspace application one final note if you are completing the fillable PDF forms make sure your version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat is up to date before downloading a form from the workspace visit grants Gove's Adobe software compatibility page for more information Music.

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