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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Veterinary

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Veterinary

What else have you taken out the duck stomach underwear weird yeah don't eat a lot of underwear hi guys hi how are you good nice to meet you Oscar Alice Alice nice to meet you I'm Sheree I'm Jillian Joey the nice to meet you nice to meet you too what are we doing today what do you think we're doing a person who protective Oh a tattoo artist no no I know you're some kind of doctor yeah nothing mm-hmm that's tough yeah I'm expecting veterinarian oh nice job well because her shirt says animal and she looks like a doctor I'm a doctor for not people animals I always run Amita bet you did Applause how long have you been doing it I've been a veterinarian for about 20 years you should know lots about I should don't it's a problem what's your animal to look like probably dogs dogs are my favorite yeah do you have a dog yes you do this is like my first dog let's all mine and I feed him and I take him out for walks came up after him you're doing all of it I never helped cook know what I wish a whale no you ever had to work on a turtle I have worked on a turtle lizards and turtles mainly just when I did emergency work and then you have to kind of treat everything because you're the only one around right it's the middle of the night and so you got to see it all have you ever ever worked on doors yeah when I was in vet school and put my arm in a horse's but not getting you check to see if they're pregnant you do an ultrasound from inside I know that's how you do it yeah I know but you wear a glove a big long life yes what's the grossest part of your job grossest thing is probably a constipated cat how do you help the constipated cat well sometimes you just give him an enema put something up there to help lubricate things and then you put them in a quiet space and see if they can work it out sometimes they can't so then sometimes they have to be sedated and you have to like go in and help with gloves it's not a glamorous job well it's not glamorous at all why do you want to be a bit hmm I always loved animals say do you want to be a bit it's up there like the top 15 top 15 Wow no no okay what do you want to be when you grow up I want to be a fan no yes you do do you know how long you have to go to school no four years of college and then four years of veterinary school there's a lot of great yeah and then there's not very many veterinary schools there's schools to be a human doctor all over the place and to be a veterinarian there's less than 40 in the whole country it's hard to get in how much does it cost to go to school like that that's gonna be a lot people are graduating from veterinary school and their $300,000 in debt a lot I used to playing Becky loads I think I will be forever I'm on the 30-year plan do you still want to be a vet yes good good answer don't let me scare you off it's a pretty cool job I would say no way less than human doctors make how about that you don't do it for the money mm-hmm no that would be a mistake if he became a veterinarian for the money whatever animal you create safe yeah yeah sometimes they're too sick then we have to help them you know pass me say put them to sleep it's pretty sad sometimes a lot of crying how many animals have you had to put down more than I can count was that sad so probably if I had to guess hundreds I used to have a cat but he passed away they did yeah did you have to take him to the vet to have him help pass away yeah yeah he got hit by a car and he was still alive but he was limping I had a cat get hit by a car once too yeah my own I was really sad yeah what's that scratching noise out here hi Norman hey you got neutered you got neutered so how's he doing since being neutered um like the giant cone like must get off so this is Jupiter what kind of snake is he I drove albino king snake you pet him yeah does he like it maybe maybe but you like it I like yeah have you looked at his little incision at all yeah does it look pretty good that's weird tell you what sure if you want then are you okay my look yeah oh I know hey dower well it looks really good looks really good how many to use this is an otoscope so meaning oh demeans ears and then this is an ophthalmoscope and that's to look at the eyes why do you do this you look through here you look through there and then you look into a dog's eye and then you see the retina you know what this is your art thingy yeah yeah hi pretty cool huh whereas isn't that bad bandage material or bandages to each other yeah there there's your bandage yes my eyes like to think so do you love your job I mean to get to see cats and dogs every day I mean that's pretty awesome hey you'd like that it was more than people even when they're not even trying to bite me and one my question okay what you send me your resume totally consider.

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