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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 2220 Widower

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 2220 Widower

Hi it's Wednesday that means it's time for another video edition of widower Wednesday I'm able Kia author of dating a widower and I've got a special widower Wednesday that we're gonna do today a lot of my videos in the past here they've kind of you know they've talked about widowers and how you can kind of interpret what they say and what and their actions because a lot of times well most of the time widowers are kind of messed up when they get back into the dating world but today I want to focus on things that women who are dating widowers or even married or widowers are engaging widowers whatever you know or wherever you are in the relationship journey that things women do that sabotage the relationship with widowers and I've seen this a lot I've seen a scene I've seen a lot of it the last couple days in my inbox and you know on various Facebook groups and while it kind of makes me want to pull my hair out so I feel a little bit kind of a little bit angry a little bit I don't know on edge maybe English nothing where maybe I'm a little bit on edge today so if you kind of detect a little bit I don't know maybe I'm a little more harsh than usual listen I'm just kind of really frustrated I guess that's the word I'm frustrated I'm frustrated that there are people out there then I'm think it's intentional but they go out there and sabotage their own relationship so let me kind of set the stage for this the purpose of all these widower Wednesday videos that I do is really--it's widower psychology 101 it's male psychology 101 I'm trying to help you understand how men think helman act why men do the things they do why do better respond a certain way when you do something that's really the entire point of this video and of all these videos I do and I'm seeing more and more lately people who don't understand this basic male psychology 101 concept and they do things not intentionally but they they they do things that turn the widow are off or you know the sabotage their own relationship or make the widower freakin glad that he ended the relationship so I really want to talk about that today I really want to talk about just some things some basic things you can do to not sabotage a widower relationship and things you can in I guess and the counterpoint to that is things you could do that make yourself more attractive to the widower the things the things you can do that'll make him kind of take take note of you and you know say okay I'm kind of glad I'm I'm with her so let's start one of the basic male psychology points is that men like women who are confident okay doesn't matter if you feel confident if you exude confidence or if you can fake confidence men are attracted to that so how does that tie in to sabotaging a relationship with a widower well let me give you two examples in one example widower and the person he was dating have broken up the widower and the widower ended things and so you know I see a message from someone who's been on the you know on the receiving end of a breakup and obviously they're emotional you know they're trying to piece together and you got to understand you know when a guy breaks up with a woman the guy's just thinking whatever it's over he's off doing his own thing but women don't handle rejection and they don't handle a breakup that way they want answers they want to know all this stuff so I you know there's this message and she says hey you know I want to send an email or text whatever it was I want to contact my widow where this is what I want to tell him through email or text and basically message saying you know do you realize how much you hurt me do you realize how much you know I'm upset how much I'm crying you realize blah blah blah all all this stuff and thankfully most of the people you know on the board and stuff they were saying you know don't send him the message and that was the right reason that was the right answer she shouldn't send him the message but most people didn't understand the reason behind him not behind not sending that message and really it has to do with it goes back to that whole confident issue I guarantee if she would have set that message that the widowers reaction would have been man I dodged a bullet I'm so glad I am NOT with her anymore you see how whiny that is how insecure that message is that's what the widow was gonna be thinking and he's if anything you know I don't know again if if the purpose behind the message was just to get some answers or to maybe make the widow will reflect on all the bad crappy things that he had done it doesn't work that way guys doesn't work that way with men if anything is gonna make the widower say hey you know what I'm glad that I ended the relationship and maybe even make him think that he should have done it sooner men are attracted to confident women if you come across as being insecure or whiny told he turns guys off completely does and and so you know a lot of people say well you know what am i what am I supposed to do well and that's in the situation I was just talking about you write it down on a piece of paper you burn it and you don't send the.

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