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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Adjusted

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Adjusted

Music hi everybody I'm dr. Joseph Cipriano and today we're here at the AC Marriott in downtown Spartanburg so today we have our patient here as she's informed me already I know you've been having ankle issues knee issues and you actually kind of as you told me threw your back out from look at some boxes last week yeah all right so primarily everything lower and then the others hips knees yeah how long has this been going on for algie's I've had while I was born with a twisted tibia talk about had special shoes my mother called it but so my knees have been a constant part my whole life my low back three years okay okay so he's been having some issues for about three years now but yeah so what we're gonna do we're gonna start checking everything out I want to see just how your body's aligned so yeah I'm gonna have you lay facedown for me so what I'm gonna be doing is we're gonna start with palpation all that palpating means is I am going to be feeling is bad feeling in the spine feeling the muscles I'm checking the tone the city of the muscles we want to feel symmetry basically what I feel on the right side I want to feel the same on the left side that's we're going to be one of the main things when it comes to chiropractic we're looking for that symmetry so things that you look at especially are you know people shoulder high you know head tilt thing you know we're looking at those curves in the back just you know it's making sure we have the proper curves you know you know our lordosis are kyphosis in our lordosis and their neck so these are the areas that we're looking at any things that were judging so we're gonna start up here granted I know his main issues are lower and then low back and in the knees and then the ankles but even open the next I'm definitely feeling a little bit of tenderness on both sides actually a little bit right through here on the left to feel a little bit more like a left occiput and then a little bit lower sheet too on the right so just a little bit of tension that I'm feeling in these areas bring it the rest of the neck isn't feeling too bad and then after week after the exit that cervical spine we're going to get into the thoracic spine so you've got your southern cervical vertebral your 12th around shaking any of your five lumbar ambulance pals fine fine so now we're going to get into the thoracic vertebra here so as I'm as I'm going down this vine I'm feeling the clusters on either side I'm feeling for that symmetry like I tell you guys you know definitely seeing if I feel any you know muscle adhesions in the areas that are you know different from the right side to the left side you know following all the way down the spine so I'm getting a little bit now now I'm at that that base the bottom of the thoracic spine and that top with that lumbar spine so now that I'm getting right through here I'm feeling the right side has raised up a little bit more on this right side compared to the left so this I know is an area that I'm going to have to check out and then we're gonna get more into that lumbar spine and going into the sacrum and the sacroiliac joints so any pain or tenderness when I push on this side then you paint a tenderness when I push on this side no okay any pain or tenderness when I push on this side a little tenderness on the left ah sighs okay so now I'm going to come down and I want to check his leg length um so come all the way down here as we can tell us so he's got a right short foot even one thing you can tell is his right ankle likes to curve in on this side too so these are issues that you know that I always like to see and I always like to check out so even when I push his feet in that right one is significantly shorter you see how that foot just likes a curve in like that so these are things that are telling me that obviously not only is there a little bit of an ankle issue but it's stemming all the way right here you know in his chief complaint area so how I start every adjustment I like to start from the top and work my way down so we're gonna come in through here we're gonna go back and start off in that upper thoracic area here we're just opening up all those joints I know you felt a lot of movement through there yeah that's moving really well tell that just unlocks a lot of pressure it's just going to remove that off of those nerves right through here that's roughly from that c7 to about t2 so technically you know when you do the adjustment it's done at t1 but that there's so much movement and actually you get a little bit of movement in the vertebral bulb and below as well with that put that adjustment okay so yeah we got a lot of good move okay so we're gonna drop down into the thoracic spine so what I'm gonna have you do I want you to take a deep breath in and then exhale all the way out there we go got another a lot of moving right through that upper thoracic spine - okay one more time deep breath in let it all the way up there we go okay so now after I.

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