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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Adjustment

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Adjustment

It's going on guys Eric here with air compressor parts online.com take a look at these pressure switches today we're going to just go through a short rundown on how to wire a couple different popular types of pressure switches as well as adjusting the pressure switches see wiring actually pretty simple if you're just not sure not able to I would certainly list the help of another help electrician locally that is always recommended but it is pretty simple to adjust a pressure switch and a wire pressure switch just make sure that you pay attention and of course power is cut to the unit and if you're going to adjust it and just exercise caution that's all you have to do but it is certainly able to be done we'll start off with a squared D pressure switch which is what this is here we have a condor saw pressure switch right here and again a furnace or Hubbell pressure switch right here as far as wiring is concerned on squared d may not be exactly clearly marked for line and motor line is your power cord and motor obviously your motor Cory on this particular switch it's very hard to see but you do have notations here on a terminal block 1 2 3 4 so what you'll do is if it's not a label line or motor you want to install your line or power cord wires on the outer contacts on the outer terminals keep them on separate contacts and of course your motor wires on the inner terminals so you have power cord power cord which are on 1 and 3 and your motor motor on 2 and 4 as far as you know which black and white wire to install it doesn't matter as long as you have the motor wires on the horse inside and the power core wires in the outside so it doesn't matter black or white though okay so as far as Condor concern and the furnace these are much easier to the water out because they give you helpful notation right there on the plastic on the terminal block it'll state line right here and motor right here this is pretty simple black and white for your power cord on the left side with and black away from the motor on the right side easy as that and it's also just as easy on your furnace or Hubbell switch line line so line on top and motor motor which of course on the bottom and you may notice that you have different types of terminals this is a flag terminal which is simply just a mail kind of terminal here it just slides on female from the wire slides on to this male terminal and of course you can always see if you have a different type of connection on your pressure switch you can always just simply cut the wire on the power cord install a new type of terminal that matches whatever you have on the switch as far as adjusting the pressure switches some pressure switches are not adjustable and a factory may not recommend it and you could tell because it won't have an adjustment screw this is where an adjustment screw would be obviously there's nothing there this is already preset at the factory to cut in 120 psi cut at 150 psi so it doesn't have an adjustment screw it's clearly not adjustable maybe have a blessed attack right here a silicone over the adjustment screw if that's you know there's not adjustable essentially so some are not adjustable they just are automatically cut and cut out at the designated pressures but for a switch like this which is a condor switch what you can adjust it and we have here you'll notice two posts here surrounded by thick springs and of course the two posts has small nuts adjustment nuts on them and another smaller right here with a nylon nut in a smaller spring these are the cut in pressure adjustments for the basically the main pressure adjustments so what you do is take this nut you'll turn it clockwise to increase the in the pressure of the compressor so cuts in at 95 psi 120 psi would have you this will adjust that turn it clockwise to increase to cut in pressure counterclockwise to decrease the kind of pressure that's what these two adjustments are this is the differential which is the difference between the high end pressure and the cut end pressure so if you do adjust this clockwise it will turn and increase the high end cut off pressure so it cuts off 125 usually you'll turn this about one revolution and it will increase the the cut off pressure so this is just the pressure setting for the cut off so differential main adjustment screws and of course your square d switch has a similar set up against the large screw which will adjust the main cut in and cut out pressure or the minimum rather so as a minimum adjustment screw clockwise to increase to counterclockwise to decrease and your differential for your high end call pressure on there your max PSI clockwise to increase that kind of clockwise to decrease and this is a condor switch a little bit different it only has one adjustment is you'll notice this P here and which pressure course and arrow to the right with plus and a minus on the left this just increases the cutting income pressure at the same time simultaneously so it doesn't have separate adjustment for a minimum or maximum cut out to increase the cutting and the cut off pressure both Huah turn this clockwise to decrease it turn it counterclockwise so pretty simple to do give me questions we do have technical document as well you can take a look at pictures in technical documents from the factory emails for.

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