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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Affiliates

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Affiliates

I- it's just about printing with white collar advice. I was at the zoo over the weekend, and while watching my daughter's obsession with flamingos and other beautiful animals, I got a call from a defendant who is to be sentenced today. I couldn't get over how unprepared he was for the sentencing hearing. I just couldn't believe it. So, I had this dilemma. Do I detract from my daughter's obsession with the flamingos or help this person because he was someone prepared? I stepped away and helped him, thinking that others could benefit. I am going to film this video on eleven things defendants have to do before their sentencing. Okay, so I'm gonna use this blog of white collar advice as a small guide. Number one, before your sentencing, is your pre-sentence report accurate? You'd be surprised how many defendants do not have an accurate PSR. The PSR has to be accurate; it's called the Bible in prison for a reason. It can impact how much halfway house time you get, the programs that you can enroll in. There are so many things to prepare for. I have gotten calls from defendants who said, "Justin, I didn't really prepare for the PSR because my sentence was a formality." Then they realize that even though the judge was going to rubber-stamp the agreement with the US attorney, it can still influence the prison they go to and the programs they participate in. Not properly disclosing evidence of substance abuse or health issues can impact the job in prison bigger. So, when I spoke with this defendant on Saturday, his PSR report was inaccurate, in part because he completed it a year ago and it's a static, excuse me, the PSR is a dynamic document. If there are changes that...