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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Amusement

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Amusement

Hey guys it's Vanessa and today I did a slime swap with Kayla Davis I sent her six of my time too if you guys see the signs I sent her you have to go check out her channel we have the davises in the description and they're an awesome youtube channel so make sure you subscribe while you go watch their video and I've got this box like a week ago and I couldn't open it until I fell asleep I'm so excited to see the sixth sign she sent me and I'm just really excited to open it so let's just get started Music before we get started make sure you subscribe to our channel to join the tenacity squad and I'm gonna open this box until you subscribe so might be a while so make sure you subscribe it's just down there the red button to subscribe just press it it's free - so okay I'm just gonna open the box okay we got it open like a decade open up so first it comes with a ladder oh my gosh these she packaged these these are so cute it does so she Romeo a letter dear Vanessa hello I miss you so much and I'm counting down the days until we see each other again I make sure you got the best of the best of my slimes the class one took me like 10 guys show up you make sauce five oh sorry that's like a hundred guys like I'm impressed anyways I love you and I can't wait to see what signs you got me PS I know how much you love pop rock so I got you I'm Music eating pop rocks one time right or not to eat them cuz I hate them from your favorite Kayla why did you get your comeback okay so listen what slime she got me this first line is strawberry lemon-aid butter oh my gosh I love this sticker look at that I'm Kaila slime Factory oh wow that's so cool ulis well I love butter slime I think she knows that that's why she's got this well it smells like a jolly rancher oh my goodness this is so cool this is like the best butters fine okay looks like really good at making butter slime this one's so cool or suchlike one of my favorites finds me wow it's like it smells like a jolly rancher oh my goodness it smells so good this is like the best butter so I'm gonna ever felt in my life I'm impressed Music Music all right so this slide is like one of my favorites I'm gonna play with this phone or like the rest of my life do I next line is this one that's it clear so what is this one love you lots I was looking like this fine line utilize cuz there's hearts on the bottom oh I just like pink clear slide with hearts this would be so cool Music Music Music I love the clear time so much because like the texture it's like not sticky like some other slimes and it has like this firm shape to it I just love Chris fun I'm sorry doing my favorite sign Polly butters finding critter slime and then with these hearts like those are just adorable like I'm still impressed like 10 out of 10 these are all these times are gonna be 10 out of 10 okay that's fine is Oh what's this fine car cheek graves just smelly Greg's it kind of smell it smells like something oh my gosh it's like so cool what's like this is I don't know I lost the words it's a cool Music oh my gosh this is so sauce fine like it makes this cool sound this is awesome Music like just look how cool this is it does look like country grapes oh my gosh it's like I'm lost in words like this is so cool like the texture is just amazing it won't the texture what did she put in here she put the foam balls I think different size of foam ball she puts the hearts I don't know what you put in here so Kayla texts me and what you put in here cuz I want to make this this is like the best time ever and again with these labels like professional labels here I'd have professional labels Vanessa squads when you go look at her video and my package name it's not this class hurt it's like they don't have professional labels on them this is like awesome do you hear that it's so cool like put it in there well I think cuz like whatever shape you put into it it stays like that and it's like cool but it's not hard slime hey let's see the next time she got because that was pretty cool I see the extras scavenger hunt oh I found one oh this is deep seat flour cream but is this some cosplay it is closet oh my gosh I like how all different like it's in all different shapes of packaging mine was just like a once shape this slop clot signs amazing like hands down it smells amazing - oh my gosh this is like the best costume ever hands down oh my god I love all these signs Music Music Music pretty blue - it smells wonderful like what does she use in this yeah this is like amazing like how did you do this kala my console on did not turn out as well as this one I don't know I was like really clean like you like took shower and like the shampoo that's what it like smells like it's like amazing and the texture too is like amazing this one really this is probably the best called spun out there and the world of.

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