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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Attach

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Attach

Hey there Meg here so today I'm going to show you how to add a signup form to your website I'm going to go over how to set it up in both Weebly and WordPress here you can see I'm on my website and this is what a sign of form looks like really kind of simple and easy this is where someone's going to enter in their email address and they're going to receive or they're going to be added to my email list and they'll receive emails from me I have mine linked up to MailChimp so I want to show you how to use MailChimp and and kind of go over what MailChimp is really quickly so I'm going to head over there so here I am a MailChimp MailChimp is the email marketing provider I recommend using when you're new it's free up to a thousand subscribers super simple to use and it has a ton of integration so it's really well worn in and easy to use so you can also use sites like get response drip and Google you know email providers and read some reviews to see what you're most comfortable with here you can see that I created a test list so that's going to be your first step what you're doing is you're creating the list that you want the email subscribers to be a part of I created a test list but if you're going to be sending out a general newsletter perhaps you call a general newsletter or blog subscribers so this is my test list I'm going to click into it now I need to select signup forms and what this is going to do is it's going to help me create some sign of forms that I'm then going to put on my website go ahead and select general forms and here we go so it's pretty neat MailChimp will create a signup form URL so if I copy this and paste it here you can see this is going to be what my signup form looks like so you don't even have to embed your form sometimes if you simply send people this link they can sign up for your email list this way so this is where you're going to customize how that signup form looks if you're going to be using that link make sure that your signup form looks great if you're not going to be using that link then leave it as is here you have an opportunity to use an image edit this you can change what fields show up you can change the verbage of the subscribe to list all this will be on MailChimp's tutorial site so I'm not going to go into it too much what I do want to show you is this so if I select this box this is where I can also set up a thank-you page so here is going to be the page that people are shown once they sign up and I also have the option of sending subscribers to another URL I personally prefer this so I will create a thank-you page off of soul speak marketing comm and then redirect them to that page so I can customize and make sure that I keep people on my website a little bit more advanced then I have the opt-in confirmation email so this is something you're really going to want to take a look at and this is the same for every email marketing provider you'll always need people to double opt it so here you can see the from list name there apply to so this is the email address that they're going to be replying to and then this is the subject so I like to customize this a bit so you can have fun with it or you can keep it you know please confirm subscription this is where you are going to want to make sure that you use an image maybe your logo make sure it's consistent with your website so people aren't freaked out when they see this email and don't know who the heck it's from and then you can easily edit this information so you can make it personal you know you can say no thanks for signing if I can spell up yada yada yada and making it you know really lovely and really fun so the important part is is that people here at this point are going to double opt-in so they enter their email address on your website now we need them to click on the link in this email and that's when they're added to your list okay so that's the opt-in confirmation email the next thing here is the confirmation Thank You page so this is the Thank You page that people are going to see once their subscription has been confirmed we can also again create our own URL so it automatically redirects them to your website of a page you create so it would be something like WW soul speak marketing calm / you know confirmation or something like that or you can simply you know edit this and how it looks again make sure that you customize this add your logo add your own feel and make it personal and then the last step is final welcome email you can choose to send one or not I always recommend sending a final welcome email and this is when you can kind of you know thank them for joining you can tell them that there's free goodies inside and if you promise them anything like a free download this is where you're going to add that so you could say you know download your free guide here and then you could have the link to your download okay so this is where you're going to be having that information so that it's always.

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