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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Consultant

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Consultant

Hi everyone it is Justin preparing the 14th of June about 8:30 in the evening been a long day and I want to knock out this video talking about why some lawyers don't like prison consultants and it really this video comes from something that happened earlier today before I get into it a few bookkeeping items I get about a hundred emails or questions a month about various aspects of prison life or personally for me so I've never really done this I thought I'd answer a few questions stuff like Justin's you still get up at 5:00 a.m. no I actually get up earlier I got up at 5:00 a.m. in prison I get up at about 4:30 in the morning now I started my days early still overcoming my own felony conviction I worked very hard to rebuild I have a family now in fact let's pause for a second I look good there it is that's why I worked hard 20 hours a day in prison despite knowing despite not having heard my life yet it's the reason I work so hard now that's a photo of my daughter Alyssa so I get going very early another question do I watch TV cuz I write a lot that I didn't watch TV in prison I watched a little TV now with my wife the Bachelorette presuming she lets me provide color commentary I do like to watch a little golf and millionaire listing New York is my favorite show Justin do you regret doing a TV show on your story no I told the truth I figure NBC could spin it if they wanted to they didn't I was pretty pleased with how it came out number four what bothered you most about prison the whistling even whistling now I get like a shake in my bag the whistling really troubled me number five what books are you currently reading for the fifth time I reading Machiavelli's The Prince so let's transition down to the reason that I'm doing this video why some lawyers don't like prison consultants and for clarity I say some not all I'm not indicted all lawyers I'm not I don't want to do sweeping generalizations some lawyers because I work with some terrific lawyers that I proudly send my clients to that I wish or a happily would have had represent me guys like Alan Eisner Demetri Goran and David Rosen field Nicholas Kiser terrific lawyers that care about the clients they have the empathy the sympathy there they have all the tributes that you would want in a lawyer so I want to be really clear I'm not saying all lawyers I'm just saying some and this video comes as a result of a call that I got earlier today from a new client for some background on Saturday a client a prospect scheduled a call we spoke for an hour following our call I spent about 90 minutes creating a scope of work I reviewed the scope of work with him and his wife through Skype they agreed we agreed to a payment plan over four months in part because it holds us all accountable and it's a way to ease into the relationship made the initial payment and then we began to prepare for his pre-sentence interview which is this Thursday so it's 8:30 now and three hours ago I got a text from him that said when you please call me and I did and it was not yeah a few hours ago he said would you call me and I did and he's like dude my client my lawyer went crazy my he went crazy when he found out that I've hired a prison consult and like I couldn't believe it I'm like well did does he know me did you tell him you know what we discussed he's like he has no idea who you are that you wrote a book or anything he doesn't know who the hell you are he just knows that helos prison consultants and I don't think he's gonna work with you and like I don't know what to do and can you tell me what to do and I said hello I'm Sinaloa saying my job is to make your life better not worse so just relax everything's going to be fine what would you like to do and he's like well I'd really like for you to call him because I want to work with you and I need him on board what do I do and I said hold on what happens if he's not on board and he said well what are your thoughts I said well of course you know what I'm going to say we have a lot of work that we need to accomplish together my suggestion is it regardless of the call that I'll have with your lawyers that you trust your own judgment and it was unsatisfied and you knew that it was wrong but you gave in so if you're gonna trust your judgment and that judgment says that I'm right for you and your family and your kids then you should make that decision irrespective of what the lawyer says with that said it was be easier it would be easier if he's on board so he said well you call him I said yeah absolutely I'll call him so I did I got off the phone I called the lawyer and is the phone was ringing to his law office and he knew that I was calling in my mind I told myself the exact reasons why he doesn't like a prison consultant and many lawyers don't and you know what they're valid reasons so his as the phone was ringing and I'm thinking about what I'm going to say to this lawyer in my mind I knew exactly what would come up example a lot of.

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