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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Conversion

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Conversion

Now let's talk about how to convert DMS that is degrees minutes and seconds into a decimal in degrees let's think of an hour as being equal to one degree and there's 60 minutes in one hour and there's 3600 seconds in an hour this will help you to remember what to do when you convert in DMS to a decimal in degrees so let's say if we have the value 45 degrees 28 minutes and 32 seconds let's convert that to degrees so here's what you need to do it's going to be equal to 45 plus 28 divided by 60 always divide the number of minutes by 60 because of 60 minutes an hour plus 32 divided by 3600 there's 36 there's 3,600 seconds in an hour so divide the second spot in 3600 and just type this information in your calculator and it should give you the answer so 45 plus 28 over 60 plus 32 over 3600 and you should get forty five point four seven five six degrees and so that's the answer now let's try some more examples try this one convert 38 degrees 41 minutes and 27 seconds into a decimal in degrees round your answer to four decimal places so this is equal to 38 plus 41 over 60 plus 27 divided by 3600 and type this in exactly the way you see it in your waiter so the answer is thirty eight point six nine zero eight degrees now let's try one more example try this one 53 degrees 18 minutes and 39 seconds go ahead and convert that to a decimal degrees so it's just going to be 53 plus 18 divided by 16 plus 39 divided by 3600 and that's going to be about fifty three point three one...