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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Debit

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Debit

All right good morning everyone thanks for joining us today I'm April Olson I'm the group program manager for the finance and service industries module and finance and operations our organization focuses on those two areas is located in our Fargo office and today I have my co-presenter with me Shivam she comes on my team he's a senior program manager and he will be doing half the presentation as well today Shivam focuses around accounts receivable payable credit collections and some of the finance insights and AI work so before we get too far into some of the investment themes today kind of a quick show of hand so I understand who's in a room how many of you are currently implementing finance and operations okay and how many partners okay how many prospects okay great so then that kind of helps us kind of tailor kind of how we explain some of the things today and what's coming in our in our presentation on so we should have some time for questions at the end so I'll ask you to hold them so that way you can go to the microphone since we are recording that way anyone that rewatch is the recording can also hear the questions so today we're going to cover some of the new functionality that's coming in finance and service industries work in our October release or shortly after so the one thing I want to call out is if you haven't already had the link to our release notes and we do have this later in a presentation you can always see what we're working on because we're constantly updating those release notes so when you go to the release notes there is a summary and you'll see either in the October release or it might say undetermined and if it says undetermined it means it's coming in a monthly update so as we demo some things today if we call out that this will be released shortly after October that's what we're referring to so for October and shortly after what are some of our investment themes and if you went to mohammad' session yesterday you have seen the same slide that were really focused on putting our functionality that we're adding in three major buckets intelligent insights connected process which would be connecting all of dynamics 365 and then just always it focusing on core capabilities and then we're always focused on fundamentals usability performance enhancements quality so that's always a the top priority but anything else you'll see today we've kind of bucketed into those three areas so when we as a team think about what we're investing in and what our goals are for those investments and how we go about determining those we always like to kind of say how to rename your business to either automate and simplify the common business processes that you have how do we work with all the data how do we monitor performance in real time as you expand and grow and go global how are we helping you do that for your organization adapt to change and as you can see productivity on the edge in predicting future outcomes so that's kind of how our team thinks about bucketing enabling a business when we're doing these core capabilities so I'm gonna cover the first two sections today I'm gonna talk briefly about some of the functionality that already exists that do help some of those business processes and there's a lot of what I would call small features that really help reduce user error simplify user entry and just make things a lot easier and quicker for the user so I'll briefly talk about a few of these and then we'll go on to demonstration so dimension defaulting one of the things that is one of our top suggestions on our idea site so if any of you have been to any presentation before you'll always hear us talk of order idea site so as a team how we go ahead and prioritize our functionality that we're adding is using many data points we work with customers at conferences like this on-site visits repoint you guys to what's called our idea site where you can add future suggestions for functionality you might want or vote on them you know sometimes there's just initiatives that we do or you know innovations that we might do so every single feature that you're seeing today we've worked with customers with hand-in-hand gotten feedback from customers on priorities designs and so on and so the first one is around dimension defaulting which is one of our top ten ideas on our idea site and this one is something very simple when you have a dimension that is an entity such as customer vendor project when you are doing and creating that new customer it's going to default that value as the dimension so that the defaulting is naturally occurring throughout the system whenever you use that entity so something that simple just doing that default E and saves multiple clicks it's reducing the user error and just making the long term entry experience more automated we've also added more control into the system so when you make changes to customer in vendors there are certain fields that some companies want to make sure that there's an approval process so we have certain fields on the customer and vendor that you can set up where it requires approval to make changes such as credit limits or maybe the group that that customer vendor is assigned to so we've added some workflow functionality around that simple everyday tasks like creating a free text invoice revolves had some automation around that to be able to reuse things but now we've just added something as simple as templates and copying lines so that an end user who might be doing these free texts and voices can quickly.

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