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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Employed

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Employed

You Music hi this is my caver thank you for asking me is anyone disqualified from serving as a juror in Florida the answer is yes in Florida certain individuals and even some groups of people are automatically disqualified from jury service others have legal cause to ask to be excused from jury service although if you have permissible as opposed to mandatory disqualifications then the judge is going to have discretion as to whether or not to excuse you for cause some people will simply be excused either because a lawyer is exercise the right to strike someone or because it's apparent that they're incapable of fulfilling their obligations of being a fair unbiased and open-minded juror who's going to listen to the evidence apply the law to the evidence and not be swayed by anything other than their legal duty Florida Statute forty point zero one three spells out the list of persons that are automatically disqualified and must be excused from jury service in summary this includes anybody being prosecuted at that time any convicted felon who has not had their rights restored the governor the cabinet the clerk of court judges cops of any variety anyone with any interest in the case expectant mothers and non full-time employed custodial parents of children under the age of six you may but you will not necessarily be excused from jury service if you are a practicing lawyer or doctor if you're physically infirm if you can show either a hardship extreme instability extreme that particular service or to be permanently removed from jury service you can also be excused if you suffer from a provable mental illness intellectual disability senility or any other physical or mental incapacity or if you're responsible for such a person and you're their primary care taker I thank you for your question I appreciate your having asked it and I invite you to ask me more please remember Michael a Haber PA it's all about reasonable doubt and if you liked this video then please subscribe we'll be putting out more soon Music Applause.

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