Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Exclude

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Exclude

Okay hello guys I'm just going to show you very quickly how to remove your bibliography from plagiarism percentage in your Turnitin submitted files okay so if I go to an example Turnitin file when you open it you will see it like this you want to click originality now the main concern is this if we look at this students bibliography most of the references are showing us plagiarize which is indirect it's a small problem a Turnitin so what you can do in the originality setting is you already clicked in red come down to the bottom right here you can see this funnel which is a filter arrow and it will save you edit filters and settings click on there now these filters exclude quotes and exclude bibliography click and take ok so that will take out the bibliography from and quotes from the pages in percentage if you can see this is 23% now and I press apply changes look what happens ignore this warning it goes right down to 9% which is more accurate and it only recognizes any issues with plagiarism in the essay or in the proposal all of the ones from the bibliography are now gone and you can do this as well on yours ok good luck and enjoy.

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