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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 2220 Feedback

Instructions and Help about Form 2220 Feedback

Alright so the first thing you want to do is you want to go to your Google Drive and you want to open up a Google Form now because we want to give the students instant feedback we want to change our settings and instantly make it into a quiz so you're gonna go to your settings and quizzes and you're gonna hit make it a quiz you can play with all your settings down below or you can just hit save now the first thing we're gonna do is we always want to name our tests or quizzes so this is going to be a science quiz on ecosystems now my first question is always going to be name and I'm going to change it to a short answer and I'm going to make it required now I'm not going to do anything for the answer key because I'm not going to give them points for their name but now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create sections so if I had one question I would have one section for the question another section to revisit the question in case they missed it and then I could add another question underneath and then these are the different sections that the student will see one at a time so each section I'm gonna give it a title of question number one and now in question number one I want to add an image so I'm going to go over to image and then I'm gonna pull my image folder I can take a snapshot I can find it in an album or I can upload it in this instance I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna upload it from my pictures because I already have the picture that I want to use and once I've uploaded it there my image will show up and I can give it a title or I can add a question which is what I'm going to do now when I had questions I like to copy and paste from tests that I already have so I'm gonna just copy the question from the test and I'm gonna place it back in my Google Doc by ctrl V or right-click and paste and again I'm gonna go back into my quiz that I've already done and I'm gonna add the answers I'm gonna right-click and copy and I'm gonna go back to my Google quiz and I'm gonna go to option one I'm going to right-click and paste or ctrl V now if I have the answer I'm gonna put it in the answer key and I'm going to actually click on answer key and I can give it however many points I want I can do it 1 5 20 and then I'm going to find the correct answer the one that's correct I'll mark it with a check and then the next thing I want to do is I want to edit the question I want it to be required then if they got it wrong I'm gonna make my section question 1 revisited now I can link every one of these questions to either the question 1 revisited or I can move them on to question 2 so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna pretend that they got this one right on nucleus so I hit the three little dots and then I'm going to click go to section based on answer now if they got it right I want to change it to go to section 4 which is question number 2 they're gonna go on if they got it wrong I'm gonna have them go on to the next section which is question 1 revisited this way I can prthem with some information if they got anything incorrect and then I might want to give them another try so maybe I have a video and I can simply go to my video maybe on YouTube and I can copy it and then I can take that video and go back to my form and I can paste it in watch this video and do the question below and once I paste it in its gonna be there and then I can add the question again now maybe I want to add the question what is the function of the nucleus now because they missed it the first time maybe this time I want them to give me a short answer and just type the correct answer I'm not going to give this answer key any points but I am gonna put on here that if they get it right that I'm gonna give them feedback so good job and I'm gonna hit save and that way once they type the answer they'll see that feedback now I go into the next question question 2 and I can go in to add a question I can go back into my actual assessment and again I can copy and paste and I can add that in to my question and then I go back into my answers again I'm going to copy and paste them and this one I'm gonna give it a point and then I see that two of these popped up that weren't correct so I can edit them and I can get rid of them by hitting the X and then I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to require this one and then I'm gonna put my answer key in so it's my answer with cytoplasm that would be correct and then I can edit my question and I can add another section afterwards and title it question to revisited and then I can add a question three if I want to add another one or I can add another section and I could put great job you're done with this test and then they could have to go there all they'd have.

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